The Apache Tribe

By Ale


I have been researching this

Native American tribe called

the Apache. They lived in West

Texas. They also live in Arizona,

Western Mexico, and Southern




Apache people lived in a Wikup.

They made this Wikup with sticks,

leaves and bear grass.They made

a frame made out of sticks and

then they held it all together with

bear grass and covered it with leaves.


The Apache have many religions

but I only named one. Their

religion is about a hidden ball game.

Their are good and evil animals

and they decide whether the world

should be forever dark or not.


Sometimes many rituals

were about the sacred

mountain deer. It was

performed by medicine men.

They had religious guidelines

on how to dispose of the bones

and how to cut a animal.


The Apache hunted and

planted crops. They used

a normal bow and arrow to hunt

buffalo,rabbits and deer.

The women planted crops.


Apache clothes were made out

of animal hide with seed beads

for decoration.For a women they

would make buckskin skirts.They

made moccasins out of leather too.


They would have medicine

men to cure sickness.The

medicine men would also

perform for longer life and

the crop harvest. Then

people would make masks to

contact the spirits.


Apache had this story was

about the Big Owl.The Big Owl

was a dangerous owl basically

like the story we tell about the

bogeyman.The Big Owl was

described to have a human

form and it was a man eating