Monday Message


We covered quite a bit at the faculty meeting last week, and I wanted to say again how excited I am by the opportunities that are coming our way in the next several years. With all of our students having Chromebooks for use by the end of the 2017-18 school year, the opportunities for innovative learning across the board are endless. And I'm very much looking forward to the development of 21st Century model classrooms in our building. The potential for student growth through the availability of these diverse learning environments is a pretty special thing to think about. It's an exciting time to be a teacher AND a student at OWWMS!

With all that being said, I know that change can be overwhelming. I hope that if you have questions or concerns about anything that we've discussed, including the Afterschool Academic Success Program, you will let me know so we can talk. The schedule for the March 7th Conference Day will be shared with you soon.

Have a wonderful week!

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Calendar (AKA Where Will Tim Be This Week?)

I'm almost afraid to type it, but it appears to be a very uneventful week at OWWMS. Let's work together to help keep it that way. Your extra presence in the hallways during period changes throughout the week is appreciated as our students anticipate the approaching the break.

Tuesday, Feb 9th:

  • Admin Cabinet Meeting, 9:45 AM, HS LGI
  • Skidmore K-12 Restorative Justice Strategy Team Mtg, 3:30 PM, Skidmore College

Thursday, Feb 11th

  • Stop into the library throughout the day for the annual Red 7 Career Fair
  • BLT Meeting, 2:15 PM, Room 102

Other Important Upcoming Dates:

2/15-19 - Mid-Winter Break

2/25 - MS ITL Meeting

2/22 - BOE Meeting

2/29 - Budget Workshop #1

3/3 - Joint HS/MS ITL Meeting

**If you're looking for me, don't forget to check the big calendar hanging on the wall outside of my office. It has been updated for February!

Weekly Tech Tip

This week's Tech Tip from Jerilyn focuses on how to use revision history to find older versions of Google Docs, one of the more useful features of Google Apps especially when collaborating with multiple users. Check out her Screencastify video here.

Reminder: Jerilyn is available to help you explore new ways to incorporate instructional technology into your classroom, as well as with tutorials on how to go deeper in Google Apps and Extensions. Send her an email to set up an appointment at

#OneNewThing in 6th Grade: Crazy Talk

This week, Mary Harrison writes about a tool she's been using with her students as they explore inventors and their inventions. Thanks Mary!

Crazy Talk is a program that allows users to take still images and animate them! 92 Science students on the sixth grade Orange Team first used the library databases and took Cornell Notes while researching inquiry-based information about an invention and inventor of their interest!

They then drafted and typed a script using Google Docs from the perspective of the invention or inventor. After digitally mapping their image to move and "speak" to the class, students recorded their own voice or pasted their script into the talking text software. Some students chose to create an interview dialogue with their Crazy Talk character.

The presentations were converted and shared in the Dropbox, where students could watch one-another's presentations on the team during study hall. All students presented their Crazy Talk to their classes, celebrating and complimenting each other's efforts. We learned a great deal about inventions and inventors in January!

Click here to share something on the #OneNewThing Google Form

New Things We Have Tried This Year: Pear Deck, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Poll Everywhere, TodaysMeet, Piktochart, Smore, Storybird

Restorative Justice Book Study

We are up to 19 staff members in our group book study on The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools, which is a short and easy introduction to the world of K-12 Restorative Practices. Interested? Sign up here, and I'll share information with you as soon as we set a date after February break for our group discussion. This will only require one afternoon session where we will discuss various topics laid out in the book and connect it to our own growing practice at OWWMS.