Friday Focus

Friday, February 7, 2014

Thanks for a great CSW!

Thank you to our Catholic Identity Committee for their work planning and executing Catholic Schools Week! For those of you who don't know:

1. We raised $960 for St. Vincent de Paul via the Penny War. The 6th grade will get a dress down day later this month for raising $209.62 (and 6K owes 6W BIG TIME!)

2. We collected over 250 pairs of socks for the Blessings in a Backpack program

3. We donated 8 boxes of food to the Salvation Army at the Souper Bowl at King's Lanes.

4. Our Soup Supper collected over $1,800 in free will donations!

AND, it's not just me who thinks it was a great week! Check out this email from Courtney Burbach:


I am not sure who deserves the kudos for the planning of Catholic Schools week, but since we have been at the school, this was the best Catholic Schools week we have experienced. I have to tell you that as a parent to see how excited my boys were every single day (even the weekend prior to) about what they all got to do for Catholic Schools week was awesome! They are so proud to celebrate that week and that they go to a Catholic school and I love seeing that come out of them. It reminded me of so many great memories I had as a kid growing up in Catholic schools and all the activities we used to do as well.

You all don’t get told thank you enough I am sure. I just wanted you to know that as a parent and family, we absolutely loved the change this year to make this more fun and memorable for the kids! So to all involved in the planning, you deserve a BIG THANK YOU!


Courtney Burbach, RHIA
Executive Director HIM/Privacy Officer
Faith Regional Health Services
2700 W Norfolk Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701
PH: 402-644-7574
Fax: 402-644-7510

Watch this little guy! You will agree with him!

"Jesus Make It Warm!"

Little Things

We met in the library briefly this morning (Friday morning) to give you a couple of pieces of paper to give to parents at conferences. One is a "Value Proposition" that speaks to why parents should send their kids to Norfolk Catholic. We are always looking for "good stuff" to include in this piece of paper (we try to keep it to one piece of paper; otherwise, it doesn't get read at all!) If you've got ideas for the Value Proposition, please let me know and we'll get it in the latest version. You should keep a copy as well and perhaps post it in your room somewhere. Be familiar with some of those statistics!

The other sheet of paper is some information about tuition costs, expenses, and tuition assistance information. Another thing that would be a good idea to be familiar with!

I did get a quote from Love Signs about getting some math facts on our stairs for next fall (If you don't know what I'm talking about look below). We need to decide which math facts to use and in what order they should be and if we should include the answers. I'd also like to do something with religion on the middle set of stairs (10 commandments? 8 beatitudes?)

A reminder that we want to continue to work on the Pillar of Hospitality whenever we can. We will again ask you to deliver a gift or two to Norfolk families at Easter and we want you to help us call potential Kindergarten parents on Feb. 23.

We are also sending a "goodie-basket" to the HR department at Tejas Tubular, the new plant that is coming to Norfolk. If you have any Norfolk Catholic items (notepads, pens, etc) that are just sitting in your room gathering dust, please let me know.

Our next staff meeting is not until Feb. 19 due to P/T conferences.

Next Week: who's doing the PB pledge? 5J or 5F? Let me know

Monday, Feb. 10 1:30 Dismiss for P/T Conferences

Wednesday, Feb. 12 1:30 Dismiss for P/T Conferences

Friday, Feb. 14 Jeans Day

Click here for P/T Conference Resources

Great link for ideas to make conferences more meaningful--for you, for you parents, and for your students! Lots of links--pick one or two and read them!

click here to see "The Cone of Learning"

The Cone of Learning--I love this graphic! You've seen it before, but it's worth another look!