Andrew Jackson

Mr. Zero? I think YES

Destroying National Banks? How Rude!

Andrew RUDE Jackson planned to destroy the national bank because he didn't think it was right that most people in the world had more money then some. Like grow up! Everyone is different and makes more money than others. You can't just destroy things because you suddenly think its right!!!

Trail Of Death

In 1838 lived peaceful community of Indians called Cherokee( cher- uh- kee). Most of the Cherokee Indians lived in southeastern United States (Georgia mostly). The Cherokee lived a great life. They had their own language, some children went to school, they grew cotton, read newspapers, and had their own constitution. Until one day Georgia decides to move the Cherokee because Georgia found out that the Cherokee land had gold. Georgia thought the Cherokee steal the gold and gain lots of money. The State of Georgia went over to the Cherokee land and made an agreement meaning that if the United States escort the Cherokee to the western part of the United States, the United States would support them for 1 year with shelter and food. While packing up and moving west in the freezing cold, the soldiers left the Cherokee with no supplies or anything to live off of. Plus thousands of Cherokees died! The Cherokee got totally ripped off.

Special Treatment

Spoil System- A system that rewards supporters and political allies of winning candidates with government jobs whether or not they are qualified.

Really Jackson? Isn't that just cheating? You're pretty much bribing people to vote for you. That should be a law that you CAN NOT do that. That's wrong is so many levels. What if they guy had no political knowledge of the government? What if he makes a war and forces people to join him? I mean like you cant just do that. You need someone that knows how to help create this government stronger. Not tar it down. Andrew Jackson you messed this government up!