The App Generation

By Josslynn

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Communication has changed!

Students now communicate in different ways than students in the past have. Rather than writing hand written notes, they text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and Skype, just to name a few.

Virtual fingerprint

Your iPad, tablet, cell phone, or other mobile device is like a virtual fingerprint. Your specific apps on your device will be completely specific to you and your needs or wants.


Your online self does not always go hand-in-hand with your offline self. People tend to feel more outgoing, outspoken and even sometimes more confident over the internet than they do in their real life.

Facebook: a Do or Don't?

Facebook or even smart phones are used to do a virtual tap on the shoulder between friends and family. You can easily stay in contact with others throughout the day.

Not having Facebook can make a young person feel out of the loop, but having it could also make them feel left out when peers are posting pictures of things without them in them.

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