my summer holidays


My favourite season is summer because in summer i don’t go to school and the weather is warm.In summer i can play different games with my friends.And now i want to tell you about my summer holidays.

My holidays in Pscov

In june i was in Pscov because there lived my granmother.In Pscov i spent a month.There i played with my friends and read books.Also i learnt English.The weather was hot but i can’t swam because the water in the river was very dirty but i could play with my friends.And i ate very much because my granny coocked very taste food and i can’t resist to eat.I liked my holidays in Pscov.


In july i went to Spain with my mother and were there for 2 weeks.In Spain we visited many intereresting places.In Barselona we visited Guell’s park,Torre Agbar,Cathedral.But most of all we liked the Sagrada Family.Architector Sagrada Family is Gaudi.He also built the Guell’s park and many other buildings.We also were in Girona.There we saw two Cathedrals and walked in the town.Then we went to Figeras and saw a museum of Salvador Dali.Also i and my mother went to Montserrat.It is a mountain.It is very big and we climb up by train.But most of all i liked to swim and lied the sun.I liked my visit to Spain.I hope that i wll go to Spain again.

Sports camp

In August i went to the sports camp and were there for 2 weeks.We ran,had trainings,plyed,danced,swimed and many other thihgs.But i was very tired because we got up at 7 o’clock and had an exercises.We hadn't got very tasty food and when our parents came they brought some sweets for us.I enjoyed the time wich i spent in the camp.