Words Hurt. Stop Bullying.


MY story

Growing up was honestly hell for me.My mom was constantly ill and I was always there to take care of her. Even at four years old, I was sleeping on her floor, making sure she took all of her medications. Although I'm only 13 years old now, and in 8th grade, I can say I've had a hard life.When I was year old, my biological father sexually and physically abused my mom and I. My mom finally got enough courage to leave him, and we left for good. Bullying was an everyday thing that happened to me. In first grade, I can remember being in gym class, and having the boys call me fat. Or just walking in the halls being pushed and called names. As I got older, more into 4th and 5th grade, things got really bad. I hit puberty earlier than everyone else. But the names still went on. I recall coming home one day in sixth grade and I told my mom I wanted to kill myself. In seventh grade, I honestly thought I was trash. Everyone hated me. I go to a school with just 7th and 8th graders, but it was horrible. Rumors spread so fast, and about me, they were disgusting.I am Bisexual, which everyone in the school of Dakota Meadows, well I think everyone, thinks its a sin, or nasty.I got on the bus one day and sat in front of this girl and she said "I heard your a lesbian. Stop talking to me. Your probably dreaming having sex with me and all the girls at school.. Probably the teachers too". People call me gay, fag, queer, homo etc. because I'm bi. In May of 2012, I saw my biological father at the clinic. From there on until December 2012, I was getting into trouble and doing stupid stuff. At the end of May, I got caught with Marijuana at school. Then after that, I started getting into fights, having charges of Disorderly Conduct, and Fifth Degree assault. Bullying just got worse for me then. I was known as a druggie, a whore, nothing, the bad kid. So many people lost respect for me and trust for me. After going to Juvenile Detention, I realized I need to change what I was doing, and go back to the kid I was before. And that's exactly what I did, and exactly what I'm doing. People still bully me, but I don't let it get to me. I'm currently on probation, and doing everything I need to. I've got straight A's, and laugh when I hear the rumors. They're not true, and they weren't ever. I AM a survivor of physical emotional, and verbal bullying.


Everyday thousands of people are being bullied on looks, sexual orientation, what they wear, or anything else. People need to stop bullying others. In the United States, we don't have a single school that does not have bullying in it.

Did YOU know...

  • On average, 1 in 7 students is either a bully, or a victim of a bully
  • 56% of students have witnessed come type of bullying at school
  • 1 out of 20 students has seen another student with a gun at school
  • 282,000 students in secondary schools are being physically bullied at school EACH month
  • About 90% of 4th-8th graders are victims of bullies
  • Its reported that 1 out of every 10 students is dropping out of school because of constant bullying
  • Bullying and harassment have been linked to 75% of school shootings
  • By high school, 1 in 4 students list bullying as a main fear
  • 25% of bullies have a criminal record by the age of 30
  • Bullying is the worst in middle school
  • 7.5 million Facebook users are under the age of 13, 1 in every 10 of those kids has reported being cyber bullied
  • 1 in 3 kids have been threatened online
  • Only about 2 in 5 victims will tell their parents
  • About 90% of teens say they ignore cyber bullying if they see it happening to someone online

The TRUE meanings...

  • Faggot: Slang: Disparaging and offensive. A male sexual (noun)
  • Homo: The genus of bipedal primates that includes modern humans and several extinct forms,distinguished by their large brains and a dependence upon tools.
  • Whore: A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money.
  • Fat: Having too much flabby tissue.
  • Gay: Of, pertaining to, or exhibiting sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex.

A Story from someone else...

Megan Meir's Story

Megan was an average 13 year old girl, thinking boys were cute, or as she told her mom, hot. Megan met "Josh Evans", 16, on MySpace. Megan's mom knew that people aren't always who that say they are. Tina Meir, then found out that the girl down the street, a former friend of Megan's was using an attractive fake picture to talk to boys. Immediately , Tina ended her daughters MySpace account. When Megan turned 14, she asked her mother for another chance on MySpace. Her mom agreed, but only her and her husband had the password. One day Megan came home from school and asked her mom to log in to MySpace to see if "Josh" had responded. Josh had messaged her. But was sending mean, harassing messages. "Josh" even shared some of Megan's messages with others. Megan was now in tears, talking with her mother over the phone, telling her all the rude things that were being said. Her mom insisted on her singing off, but she didn't. Her mom came home, and saw Megan back firing, and putting comments out there with vulgar language. Her mom was angry with her, causing Megan to get up and leave. On the way up to her bedroom, Megan's dad Ron asked what was wrong. She said nothing and went on her way. Ron and Tina Meir talked about what happened, then Tina made dinner. She then had this god awful feeling, and ran up stairs. Megan had hung already hung herself in her closet. Weeks went by after Megan's death, and her parents were in Grief counseling. One day, Tina got a call from another neighbor saying they needed to meet with the counselor Ron and Tina went, only to find out Josh Evans never existed. "Josh" was created by the parents of Megan's girl friend, the one she had the falling out with. After that, Ron and Tina were furious Although there were no criminal charges, the family suffers through pain and agony. Ron and Tina suffer with the loss of an amazing little girl. Rest In Peace Megan<3 Heaven got an amazing angel<3

What YOU can do...

To help me out with this, share this page. Post the link on your Facebook's Tell your friends about it. If you have children, spread it to their school. Comment and share this link PLEASE.There's no reason why bullying is still going on. I want to stop this on-going problem across the nation. I'm making an effort...Are you?

Places you can contact and get help:


If you're having problems with bullies, or your children are being bullied, contact Reachout.com either by visiting the site, and getting online help, along with real stories or by calling toll free.

The Humanity Project

The Humanity Project is another place to go if you have questions about bullying, or are being bullied. Visit their website, or call anytime.

Something short and sweet about me...

The creator of this page:

Hey there<3 My names Mikayla Miller Zuehlke. I made this page in effort to stop bullying across the world. Being a victim of bullying I know how bad it hurts. This is just a little information on bullying and what it's done to others. Being I'm 13, I did to a ton of research but I wasn't sure on how to make this website sufficient short, and yet look good. I'm very proud of this and I hope it becomes something. I really wanna see this crime stop. PLEASE HELP! If your being bullied or harassed in anyway, get help. Tell someone you trust. Or contact one of the foundations I've posted on here. LET'S STOP BULLYING NOW!

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