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1. Draw and label the graph

2. State the formulas you will be using - slope & distance

3. Show ALL work (if you are using your graphing calculator, be sure to show your screen displays as part of your work.)

4. Have a concluding sentence stating
what you have proven and why it is true


Analytic Geometry - the blending of algebra and geometry

Coordinate Geometry - when the process of Analytic Geometry involves placing figures in a coordinate plane.


Given: ABC triangle with a(0,0), b(2,3), and c(4,0)

Prove: ABC triangle is isosceles

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D=unsquare (x2-x1)^2+(y2-y1)^2

AB=unsquare (2-0)^2+(3-0)^2=unsquare 4+9=unsquare 13

___ ___

AB=BC and AB about = BC

The triangle is isosceles because two of the sides are congruent.