The Good Cristal

Honors English 3


I was born on January 12, 1996 at the Catawba Valley hospital in North Carolina . My childhood was exceptional . Never would I wish it would be different . My family and I are very united and unique . Ever since I was little I've liked school and focused on school . I could say about four years ago i was very ostentatious and loud, selfish, sensitive and sometimes caring too much for what others thought about me but, over the past few years Iv'e had a drastic change in personality . Presently I am kind of callous , less shy , friendlier, generous, and less sensitive and more reliable. I guess I've matured in these years of High School,,,and this has been caused by my change in my environment. At the moment I'm parent short and surround myself with friends who are actually reliable and good in school and outside of school ,who don't care what others think (sort of people like myself). And it is due to this that I've changed. A good change I could say I'm glad it has happened!
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New Radicals - You Get What You Give (Original)

Graduating out of High School

After long hours of homework every night , the neck pains caused by ridiculous tests, the absurd lectures that caused half of the students in each class to fall asleep, I gingerly tilted my cap to the side of my head . I was excited to walk up the podium to receive my diploma and be recognized as a Newton Conover High School graduate.
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Getting a decent job to pay for my intuition

The streets were bustling with people, walking about , getting out of cars, in traffic jams talking and ect... i felt extremely agitated . I had already been waling about into stores, restaurants cafe shops asking for employment leaving applications everywhere, I was exhausted. I sat down on a bench and watched as people went by. Maybe it was foolish to think I could get hired right on the spot but it was my desperation. A job was crucial in this moment. Then came a little old lady grunting carrying a big box that was clearly to heavy for her to carry . My helpful instincts for elderly quickly chimed in . I grabbed the box from her arms and smiled. "I'll help you " the old lady smiled . She walked ahead of me to direct me . As we walked through streets and roads we finally got to a little antique clothing shop. I put the box on the register counter. As I said my good byes and began to walk out the old lady called out "say honey do you have a job?" i quickly turned around and gave a blasting smile " funny you should say , but no"
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Studying vs. Parties (study)

I sat there dreary eyed and half awake and trying to study for a social science test . I couldn't concentrate with all the blasting music down the hall. Kristy Kardashian had the audacity of making a party in her dorm room across the hall on the day before our test. And it was seriously killing me. How could she?! was she crazy or cool. Could be both...anyhow at the moment it was seriously tempting. I looked at my bed where a great outfit laid . Seriously tempting. I closed my eyes and suddenly a tiny voice in my head yelled F . Fail. F on test F in life! and that quickly set me off . I grabbed my car keys and my study notes. I guess I was going to have to go somewhere else and study.
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College Graduate

I never had felt so good in my life , all my hard work and accomplishments paid off in the very moment that I was handed my college degree. I was a professional now. I would go off into the world with my shiny title and a smile permanently pressed on my face . I achieved my dream of being a Forensic !
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