Ms. Zitzman's ELA and Reading

2nd six weeks!

Need tutorials?

I just posted this on my door to my classroom to remind the kids when and WHY they might come to tutorials.

Ms. Zitzman’s Tutorials Schedule

EVERY morning—Monday – Friday 8:00-8:35

After School—by appointment only

You need tutorials if:

· You were absent--come in the NEXT day to do make-up work

· You need extra help on ANYTHING

· You need to re-take a test or re-do an assignment

· You are behind in class for any reason

· You just need a quiet place to work or be

Trying something new...PROFESSIONALISM GRADES

I'm taking a page from another teacher's book to try to help my kids be ready to be professionals in the real world. It doesn't matter what their future job is, they need to know what professionalism looks like!

Starting next week, I will be taking a daily grade for "professionalism" twice during the six weeks grading period--once for progress report and once for report card. Students will start with a 100 in professionalism each new marking period. They will be expected to:

--follow directions

--put their name on their papers correctly

--turn in neat, quality work

--talk at appropriate times

--leave their workspace neat and tidy for the next professional

--turn in homework or absent work on time (homework is rare--mostly unfinished work)

--respect the property of my classroom (books handled gently, supplies used correctly)

Students will earn deductions for any infractions to the professionalism expectations. I will be recording the infractions on a Google document and would be happy to share reasons for deductions if you are ever concerned.

What's going on in ELA this six weeks?

This marking period our focus will be on the following topics:

Narrative writing

Research and expository writing

Writing poetry

Conjunctive adverbs

Compound and simple sentences

Revising and combining sentences

BUSY! :-)

Reading topics in 2nd six weeks

We will learn about the following in reading class:

Close reading with annotation

Dialect and conversational voice

Figurative and sensory language


Organizational patterns in informational text

Aaaaannnnddd....take a reading CBA at the end of the grading period!