Conflict in songs

To be continued


Do I stand alone again in my endless search for freedom?

Challenging their might, defeated? Falling helplessly away

Crawling from the wreckage, their destiny is my future?

I feel the coldness as I step out into their darkness

So I stand alone the same in my hopeless chase for freedom

Clawing, I call, I call out, but again, I'm never answered

You stand there in your lonely world, in your careless search for freedom

While we struggle on, you turn hopelessly away

Destroyed and recreated, our destiny is the future

Now I feel the warmth, as the eclipse is forced away

Conflict- To Be Continued


a) War, fighting, loosing

b) Competitive: looking for freedom, be alone in the endless

Avoidance: Loosing the war, Challange




c) Song is effective because It's about somebody who lost the challange, and it's helplessly because the other people's destiny was in his/her future that was the main problem.