The Independants

Red, White, and Blue is going with you! -Founders

Bob Crossback and the Independants for President!

The Independants and Bob Crossback believe strongly in freedom of religon. They tend to be more conservative like the Republicans. We do not believe in taxing high except for upper class. We believe in Healthcare, Defense, Economy, and Education. The founders of The Independants are Beau Hubbard, Taylor Pankey, Gavin Fuqua, and Tate Record. Our canidate Bob Crossback, has worked as one of the senators for New Mexico and currently lives in Albequerque.

-Tate Record

Our Platform

The Big 4 Issues

Economy-We believe that we just need to stop spending and start saving. We will only spend money on VERY important things. We will also cut taxes. Lower Class-10%, Middle Class-20%, and Upper Class-40%. Lower Class needs low, low taxes because we need to do our best to get poverty out of our country.

Healthcare- We need to pass a law that no health insurers can deny someone even if they have the money , but are in very bad condition.

Defense-We need to make more advanced weapons and spend a little more money than what were doing right now, (that being one of the VERY important things). We will make more advanced weapons and increase troops in the Middie East.

Education-There should be more choices of schools, but since people might start all going to the same school, we will improve the bad schools. After that we will start building new schools.

Even Famous People like The Independants and Bob Crossback!

Jackie Chan says, “ Bob Crossback and the Independants will support my old karate teacher’s small business” .

Jaylo says, “ Yo! Bob Crossback will support my old music teacher and the school he works at.”

JB says, “ Bob Crossback is going to support me when I actually go to college!” - Gavin Fuqua