Khristian Diaz

The Boston Tea Party

Who Was There?

There were a lot of angry colonists in the Boston Tea Party. There was about 60 colonists witch were members of The Sons of Liberty including Paul Revere.

When and Where did this event take place?

The Boston Tea Party took place in the colony of Boston Massechusettes in Boston Harbor . At the hard times in 1773 in December 16.

What Happened?

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60 angry colonists that were part of The Sons of Liberty one early morning dressed as Mohawk Indians traveled to Boston harbor. Before they did it they had to pay taxes for all the tea they were going to put on the ship. By the way the protest

was lead by Samuel Adams. The colonists dumped 300 chests of tea into the harbor. After the protest the king made sevral new laws punish the colonists. That lead up to the war .All of this is called the Road To Revolution.

More Info?

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