Persuasion at Best

Persuasive ads in the gaming industry

Advertisements for new things like video game consoles are not a new thing, and have been around since the modernization of the newspaper and the invention of the television. Some of the best ads, like the Gameboy example ad, were shown to kids, so they would beg their parents to buy it for them. They usually featured snob appeal and or celebrity endorsements, and were big and bombastic.

Some of the best ads from the 80's and 90's

Family Fun for everyone

This ad is very peculiar, as it was targeted to families, which was weird for the time. It showed the transferred ideas of fitness mixed with gaming, showing the fun of video games without the laziness. In a way, it shows the logic of what video games could do for everyone.

Gaming Ads

Ads will always feature these techniques, and try to get us to buy the newest "innovation" in any industry. Gaming advertisements stand out in the pack, because of the crazy ways they tried to get your hard earned cash