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December 5, 2015

Dear Parents,

This week we enjoyed solving tricky words together, creating snowman ornaments, and learning how belly-breathing can help us calm down. The most exciting part was when students marveled at the Hazel Dell tree! It is looking like it is going to be a busy December and I am sure you are already busy at home, too!

This week you should have received a letter from me in your child's red folder explaining which word study group your child is in and what your child will be learning this school year in word study. If you did not receive this letter, please let me know and I will send another. The students seem to enjoy our new word study routines and I can already see the progress they are making in their word consciousness.

Our mid-year NWEA reading assessment originally scheduled Friday 12/04 was not able to proceed as planned due to a highly technical error with my NWEA account profile. Since the issue could not be resolved by NWEA by our scheduled assessment time, we cancelled the assessment and the class enjoyed using MobyMax instead. NWEA notified me late last night that the error has been corrected and we will be able to proceed with NWEA assessments next week. I will notify you as soon as I have a new date/time set for our reading assessment. Our NWEA math assessment remains on Thursday 12/10.

My apologies for not updating your child's red folder over break as I had planned. I was ill over Thanksgiving Break and could not come in as I usually do on the weekends. It is on my task list and will be completed as soon as possible.

In response to your feedback, I will be offering mid-year parent teacher conferences in January for anyone who would like to meet. Look for a digital sign-up in future classroom newsletters.

Please read below for important dates to add to your calendar, Santa Shop specifics, Red Stocking Fund theme days, our Hazel Dell Classroom Service Project, and the Live 2 Serve Coat Drive.

Now I'm off to visit my new nephew born early this morning in Detroit, but I look forward to hearing about all the antics of your elves on Monday!

As always,

Kelly Burton

Important Dates

Text @7b47d4 to 81010 to receive these reminders via text at 3:30pm the day prior.

Monday 12/07

  • Return/renew school library books
  • Logophiles Group 1 progress check over the sounds of long i and short i
  • Red Stocking Fund Theme: Colts Day
  • PTO Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A in Westfield
  • Special: Music
  • Santa Shop Preview Day
Tuesday 12/08
  • Special: Technology
  • Red Stocking Fund Theme: Career Day
Wednesday 12/09
  • Special: PE
  • Logophiles Group 2 progress check over the sounds of long i and short i.
  • Red Stocking Fund Theme: Twin Day
Thursday 12/10
  • Special: Art
  • NWEA Math Assessment
  • Red Stocking Fund Theme: Pajama Day
  • Envelope due for Santa Shop
Friday 12/11
  • Special: Music
  • Logophiles Group 3 progress check over the sounds of s, h, and sh.
  • Red Stocking Fund Theme: Favorite School (college or Noblesville wear)
  • Weekly Reading Log due today
Monday 12/14
  • Special: Technology
  • Return/renew school library books
Tuesday 12/15
  • Special: PE
  • Logophiles Group 1 progress check over the sounds of long o and short o
Wednesday 12/16
  • Special: Art
Thursday 12/17
  • Special: Music
  • Logophiles Group 2 progress check over the sounds of long o and short o
Friday 12/18
  • Special: Technology
  • All School Holiday Sing-A-Long @ 2:00pm
  • Classroom Winter Parties @ 2:30pm
  • Weekly Reading Log due today

Santa Shop

Information about the PTO-sponsored Santa Shop was sent home Friday in your child's red folder. The Santa Shop is an opportunity for students to "secretly" shop for gifts for parents and other important people in their lives. Our class will preview the Santa Shop on Monday 12/07 so the children can get an idea of what is available. If you would like your child to be able to purchase items from the Santa Shop, please send cash in the envelope by Thursday 12/10. Students who have an envelope will visit the Santa Shop that day.

Red Stocking Fund

The Hazel Dell Student Council will be sponsoring theme days next week to support the Red Stocking Fund. Donations will be distributed through the Noblesville Trustee's Office to Noblesville students who are less fortunate. If students can, the student council asks that students donate $1.00 each day they participate to support this great cause. This year the student council will be hanging a red stocking on our classroom door for students to sign when they donate $1.00 and they will also receive a candy cane. Themes for next week are:

  • Monday: Colts Day
  • Tuesday: Career Day (dress like what you want to be when you grow up)
  • Wednesday: Twin Day
  • Thursday: Pajama Day
  • Friday: Favorite School (Noblesville/college wear)

Hazel Dell Classroom Service Project

As we enter into the season of giving, Hazel Dell has once again chosen to donate items to a school in Central Indiana. This is the second year that we will be changing the traditional book exchange into an optional service project. If you are interested in donating items, we will be collecting markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, rulers, pencils, kleenex, dry erase markers, and pencil boxes. (They have plenty of notebooks and notebook paper.) Please do not wrap the donated items. They will be boxed and delivered to the Central Indiana school in need with love from the HD school community!

Live 2 Serve Coat Drive

Hazel Dell is collecting new and used coats to be given to needy children in our community. If you would like to donate, we have a collection box near the front office.

Teaching Points

Next week in Wordy Study we will continue differentiated word study groups. Your child will learn:
  • Logophiles (Group 1) compare and contrast the sounds of long o and short o.
  • Logophiles (Group 2) compare and contrast the sounds of long o and short o.
  • Logophiles (Group 3) compare and contrast the sounds of s, h, and sh.

Next week in Reading Workshop we will finish our study of solving tricky words. Your child will learn:

  • Readers don't just say the words--they figure out what they mean, too!
  • Readers check themselves and their reading.
Next week in Second Steps we will continue our unit on emotion management. Your child will learn:
  • Negative self-talk can make strong feelings even stronger.
  • When you feel really worried or anxious about something, calming down helps.
  • Using positive self-talk can help you calm down.
Next week in Math Workshop we will begin our unit on 3-D and 2-D shapes. Your child will learn:
  • Mathematicians count a collection of objects, use equal sharing to explore division, math time on a clock face to with the digital notation, and describe rules for a group of sorted attribute blocks.
  • Mathematicians solve number stories using addition facts, connect points in a sequence to draw line segments, use a straightedge to draw line segments.
  • Mathematicians use straightedges to draw line segments, identify parallel line segments, and draw quadrangles.
  • Mathematicians count the total number of objects; use arrays to model multiplication; name, compare, and construct polygons; and sort attributes according to a rule.

Next week in Writing Workshop we will continue our unit on opinion writing. Your child will learn:

  • Writers retell part of the story to justify their opinions.
  • Writers picture their audience.
  • Writers use checklists to set goals.

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Miss Kelly Burton

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