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Skyview students have been diligently working on completing the December #stickyourneckout challenge. In order to complete this, students are focused on being kind to others and completing “tasks” that benefit the community. Examples of these include: standing up for someone, paying it forward with kindness, and leaving a space cleaner than found. Mr. Permar’s homeroom was the first to complete the challenge (see photo.) They each received their “#stickyourneckout” bracelets.

The hashtag #stickyourneckout comes from the Giraffe Heroes project. The nonprofit Giraffe Heroes Project was born in the head and heart of Ann Medlock, a freelance editor, publicist, speech writer and writer living in Manhattan. Ann started the Project in 1984 as an antidote or remedy to the mind-numbing violence and trivia that pervaded the media, eroding or wearing down civic energy and hope. People needed to know about the heroes of our times and all that they were accomplishing as courageous, compassionate citizens. Ann's strategy for the Giraffe Heroes Project was simple— she would find unknown heroes, commend them as Giraffes for sticking their necks out, and get their stories told on radio and television and in print. Giraffe stories would show the public that there was headway being made on the problems of the world, that there were individuals who had solutions—and the courage to move into action. The stories would feed people’s souls, inform their attitudes—and get them moving on public problems that mattered to them. Students were introduced to the idea of #stickyourneckout during morning activities last month which included a visit from a 6th grade BLAST member who read the tale of the monkey and the giraffe to highlight helping each other. In the month of December, Skyview students viewed an inspirational video and each class received a checklist to work to complete. There is something that everyone can do to be an everyday hero no matter who they are, where they come from or what they believe.

Math - grade 6

The Skyview Math Department is currently gathering data on each of our sixth grade students to prepare for the transition to Arcola and to best determine math placement for seventh grade. During the coming months the following data points are gathered: scores on common (chapter) assessments, benchmark testing scores, ALEKS scores, Math PSSA scores and scores on two (2) universal screening tests that all 6th grade students take. Students earn points on a rubric for each of these areas. Students may then qualify for a second round of testing (based on the number of points earned on the rubric.) This second round of testing is to determine eligibility for advanced math coursework in seventh grade.

Skyview students will participate in the (2) universal screening tests mentioned above on the following dates: Astronomers (January 22 and 24), Celestials (January 23 and 25) and USA (January 22 and 24). (We anticipate the second round of testing (mentioned above) will take place in the end of March for those students who qualify. If your child qualifies for this second round of testing you will receive written notification. )

5th Grade Outdoor Education Remimnder

As shared in September, each year Skyview 5th grade students have the opportunity to experience the Outdoor Education program at the College Settlement Camp in Horsham, PA. This camping experience is an overnight trip with two full days of interactive lessons and activities.

Team Trip Dates

Comets April 4-5

Stars April 9-10

Galaxy May 28-29

Mountaineers May 30-31

Storm Chasers June 3-4

The cost for the Outdoor Education trip is $157 per student. Please submit payment by March 22, 2019. Payments may be made via check (payable to Methacton School District) or on-line via the “Outdoor Education – pay online” link available on the Skyview website ( Please contact Mrs. Beth VanBuren, Skyview 5th grade Counselor should you need information on assistance available for this trip.

Upcoming Events at Skyview

Friday, January 18, 2019 - Spelling Bee 9 - 11 a.m.

Monday, January 21, 2019 - Schools/Offices Closed

Friday, February 1, 2019 - Student Council Winter Party 6 - 8 p.m.