Boy By Roald Dahl

By Zahria Parker

Boy is a memoir about the life of Roald Dahl and his journey through childhood from ages 7-20. From traveling to different private schools and faking his appendix.

Boy meets the four characteristics of a memoir because it focuses on a brief period of time because it tells short stories of his life but made into one big book like the

It also has a story format but most importantly it has a theme. The theme of Boy what I think is to always to be yourself and too live life to the fullest. Ronald went through some hard times from getting spanked with the Cain and getting accused of stuff that he didn't even do. But always found a way to make it better.

It also shows some deep emotions since he does get homesick. It shows these emotions by using figurative language like when they went to the candy shop there was this kid who wasn't allowed to eat liquorice. His dad said “don't eat liquorice or you will get a tail like a rat”.

A quote that I found was “We all have our moments of brilliance and glory, and this was mine”. I think this explains to the big idea of the story because in the book he did have his moments of brilliance and glory! But right at the very end he found his true brilliance and glory which was him getting his dream job

That's when he found his true glory and then after that he started making books telling his stories from when he was a child. That's when he found his brilliance