Human Impacts On The Environment

By Tamia Moore


"Every creature is better alive than dead, men and mouse and pine trees, and who understands it alright will rather preserve its life than destroy it." - Henry David Thoreau This means that its better to be dead than alive no matter who you are, and that if you destroy our environment you are destroying life as you know it. Although we have damaged our environment severely , we can also save the environment by changing our actions.

What Have We Done? What Can You Do ?

Negative And Positive

The environment has been damaged beyond repair, but that doesn't mean we can't make a difference and change the way we effect it. Some damage is due to the use of things like waste, such as trash on beaches and non recycling , and air pollution; these things and much more are leading up to a negative outcome. Some people don't realize that when we drive cars or use up any type of natural resource we are destroying our environment, where as some people do see it. Some people have begun to notice how certain parts of their life style have made a tremendous impacted on the earth and have decided to make a difference. People have worked toward changing the impact by doing things such as recycling reusable materials and saving energy by shutting off electronics whenever they aren't being used. This is proof that if we can damage the earth, we can also fix it.

Negative Impact Humans Have On The Enviornment

As humans, we have done multiple things that has disrupted the nature of the environment, which in turn have left a negative impact it. One thing that you may not notice that is destroying our earth is the using up of our life's natural resources, such as the air we breathe and the water we drink. We use up our natural resources by polluting our air, and polluting the air we create acid rain and chemical waste. In our atmosphere. We breathe oxygen and apart of our atmosphere is the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects us from sun radiations and when chemicals from things such as hair spray release into the atmosphere, it goes into the ozone layer causing it to deplete. Messing with the ozone layer can damage our UV rays and we can possibly get cancer or sun burn. To add on, not only is our air the thing that's being damaged, but trees in the forest are being cut down more than usual to build things such as furniture and produce paper. We need plants so we have air to breathe. We depend on them to get rid of carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen for us to inhale. Destroying forest not only interferes with the air breathe, but by the actions made by humans it also puts animals in danger of extinction. By doing that we disturb the food chain balance. As you can see there are many ways that both humans and animals are negatively impacting our environment.

Positive Impact Humans Have On The Environment

If we can mess something up we can fix it up. Some people were able to see the things that are destroying our environment and have found ways to make a corrections. Some ways people could make changes are by cleaning up, conserving energy, recycle, reduce, reuse, saving electricity, etc. Recycling is one way people can save and help the environment; this is a common thing that can be done everyday. Recycling is when you take something such as paper and process it so it can be reused. Recycling can help save the environment; let's look at recycling paper for instance, paper is recycled so it can be reused to prevent so many trees from being cut down. Also, another way humans can make a positive impact on our environment is by using renewable resources. We use renewable resources as alternative fuel options for cars , and by that its less polluting and decreases our dependence on oil, which cause things like oil spills. Cleaning up is also a simple way you can help save the environment. Some people clean up trash off beaches. When too much trash is on the beach it can soon decompose and the chemicals leak into the water. Another way you can clean up is by cleaning places like parks and highways. To add on, another way is simply by conserving energy. You can conserve energy simply just by turning off a light switch, turning down a thermostat and/or using cold water. These are just some of the many ways people help the environment. In time with more research, there will be many more ways that you can help.

Opposing Viewpoint

Some people view this issue on the environment differently. Some people don't see that we are damaging the environment only that we are making new homes for people. They may think that if we cut down the trees we can just build over the land and cage any previous living species that was once there. People also think that saving the environment is just a waste of time and that we can just keep living life the way things are. People fail to recycle, turn off lights, use cold water, etc. They are failing to see the more important things like how cutting down forest have a tremendous influence on the oxygen intake as well as the danger it could put the animals in causing them to be endangered species. They are also failing to save energy and not turning off enough lights to decrease the fossil fuel. Obviously, we need to open our eyes to see what we are missing and repair the damage that has been done, and also we need to start now to make the world and environment a better place. All in all , these is what is happening an what needs to be done.
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To conclude, the way humans affect the world has been both negative and positive. We may have not notice that things we do like such as driving cars and leaving on lights are polluting the air and increasing fossil fuel. In order, to change these affects, we as humans can join the people that are trying to make some changes and began to do things like, turning off lights and/or driving fuel efficient cars. Small actions like these can cause a chain reaction that will never stops. Stop what is happening to our earth and step up to make a difference.
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