National Dinsaur Monument

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TheDinosaur National Monument

"RROOAAR" dinosaurs once used to rule the world. The National Dinosaur Museum hold some of the most rare & coolest fossils. The Museum is one of the top rated Museums in the nation!

The Dinosaur Museum is located in Colorado/Utah. President Woodrow Wilson once founded the Museum. Not only does the Museum display Dinoaurs but also, Arrowheads, flowers, rocks & bugs.

In this Museum there are exhibits in which you can explore and discover, one of these include the "Wall of Bones" which there are over 1,500 bones displayed on this wall. They also have over 30 mounted skeletons of Dinosaurs. The Museum has the largest Dinosaur found and kept together which reaches from one end of the museum to the other.

The Museum is important to America because, it shows what has happened in America's history. It also shows how much America has changed. Something's to show how old these exhibits are the Museum also has ancient hieroglyphics drawn on some rocks, some of which are over 100,000 years old. Another thing to show history is the bones bigger than humans!

There is also a good tourist system is the Dinosaur Museum, an example is the canoe ride, they also have a all-day drive you can ride to see some more awesome stuff! On the rides you can see half buried skeletons. This whole systems displays holds up to 1,000,000 years of history in it.

The dinosaur National Museum is one of the first ratings in beauty. Maybe you should visit the Dinosaur Museum one day.