August 31- September 4

Week 3

News This Week

Welcome back!

Mrs. Spriggs welcomed a baby girl on Saturday and while she is on maternity leave, we will have two students in our class. That makes our total 19!

Tests - I plan on sending test folders home on Tuesday. Please look over the work and return the folder. There is no need to return the tests. You should have a reading, grammar, and spelling test from last week. We will take our first math test soon.

Facebook - Please join our class Facebook page. Search Mrs. Everette's Third Grade and be sure to look under the "groups" tab. An email has been sent inviting you as well. We post pictures about our day!

AR - We will take our STAR Reading test tomorrow to determine our reading levels. Encourage your child to do their best so we can get everyone reading on level! Look for library books to come home and read each night.

Homework - Students are responsible for writing their homework on their calendar in the folder. Other work sent home (grammar, spelling, etc.) is extra practice unless specifically indicated. Students will usually have math and should be reading each night.

Monday August 7 - Labor Day - No School!

Studies this Week

  • Skills: Sequence, Summarize
  • Phonics: Plurals -es, and -ies
  • Vocabulary: Compound Words
  • Practice at home: Retell a story in just a few sentences, instead of including all the details to practice summarizing. Put events in order using order words like first, later, or in the morning.


  • Practice spelling and writing words. Visit for more practice.
  • Words this week: pennies, inches, plants, families, bodies, glasses, wishes, pockets, lists, copies, parties, bunches, crashes, supplies, pencils, accidents, libraries, mysteries, carpenters, merchants


  • Addition - We are working on adding and ways to make 100 with different strategies. One strategy is to break apart numbers into ones, tens, and hundreds to help add.
  • Facts - students should know their basic facts for addition and subtraction. Please help review these with flashcards, out loud practice, writing practice, or online. A sheet about xtramath was sent home Friday. Another popular choice with students is Sum Dog.


Vocabulary words are on our weekly reading test. Students should know what each word means.

  • marketplace, straying, carpenter, plenty, merchant, thread, carpetmaker, knowledge

Writing & Grammar

  • Subject and Predicate
Subject = who or what the sentence is about
Predicate = the action/verb and everything after it
  • Writing - students will work on writing about the Earth's layers using topic sentences, main ideas, and supporting details


    • The Earth's Layers

    Social Studies

    • Studies Weekly - All About Maps (compasses, cardinal directions, types of maps)
    • Students can logon to Studies Weekly at home by going to

    Please Send Headphones or Earbuds!

    Important Dates

    2 - Boy Scouts Round Up - 6:30 - Cafeteria
    3 - Baton Begins for Girls Signed Up

    3 - Fire Drill

    7 - Labor Day - No School

    9 - Title I Parent Meeting - Library - 6:00