The Pearl Music Project

By: Connor Sisel

Song Of The Family: Silent Night By Joseph Mohr

In the book, the song of the family is played when happy things happen, like when their family is together. It happens at the start of the book when Juana is making corncakes. It happens during many times when the song of evil is dominant. It underlays the song in a wail-like way. It's almost as if it's crying for help.

I chose Silent Night for this because it fully embodies a family setting. Silent Night is a slow song. But it also is light and cheery. This makes it kind of like the mornings that happen at Kino's house before the pearl.

Violin music - Christmas song - Silent night instrumental - piano and violin duet
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Song Of Evil: The Grinch That Stole Christmas

The song of evil in the book is a suspenseful song. It represents all of the bad things in the book. It is played during many evil things. It is mainly played during when people want to take the pearl. It is overall a gloomy song.

The song in the book is gloomy. The Grinch That Stole Christmas is exactly that. It is about the Grinch ruining little kid's dreams. In the book, the pearl ruins Coyotito's life. It is a lot comparable to the song of evil.

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Full orginal
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Song Of The Enemy: Clash Of Clans Battle Music

In the book, the song of the enemy is about a scorpion. It threatens Coyotito on top of a rope. The song of the enemy plays during this. The scorpion stings Coyotito, and Kino destroys the scorpion. This puts the rising action in motion.

The song of the enemy is a threatening song. The Clash Of Clans battle music is a good fit for this. It is threatening because enemy troops are about to strike. It is just like the book where the scorpion is about to strike. This is why this song is a good fit.

Clash of Clans Soundtrack - It's Raiding Time!
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Song Of The Pearl Beginning: Lucky Strike By Maroon 5

In the book, this song is about the pearl. It is also about how lucky they are to find the pearl. It promises hope for Kino. Even Juana likes the pearl at this point. It really has hope for the future.

Lucky Strike is perfect for this song. It shows how lucky some people are in life. It is a fast song. It shows how fast Kino's life is changing. This makes Lucky Strike a perfect fit for this song.

Maroon 5 - Lucky Strike Lyrics
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Song Of The Pearl End: Waves By Mr. Probz

In the book, the song of the pearl at the end is different. It is sad instead of happy. All of these bad things have now happened. Now the pearl is evil. Juana wants nothing more than the pearl to go away.

In the song Waves, one of the lines is "slowing drifting, drifting away". It is like how Kino's old life is drifting away. The pearl ruins everything. Now it is too late, because his old life has just drifted away. It is a good fit for the song.

Mr. Probz - Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit)
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Song Of The Book: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

The book is a wild ride. That is for sure. There are lots of ups and downs, like when Kino finds the pearl, the pearl buyers rejection, the breaking of the canoe, and eventually Coyotito's death . It begins to get really crazy when those trackers showed up. The book shows Kino's plunge into total greed.

Crazy Train is a good fit because it shows two main things. One, it is a wild ride. The book is also a wild ride through Kino's life. Part of the lyrics are how this person is "going off the rails". This is kind of like Kino.

Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train Lyrics
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