Bynagle Bulletin

January 13, 2014

Dates to Remember

January 20 - Vacation Day

January 22 - Early Release

January 25 - Lego Robotics State Tournment

January 31 - Nerd Day

February 6 - 7 Parent Teacher Conferences


This week in reading we began a new unit on Fever 1793. This week we will be looking at both pictures and primary source documents about this epidemic and time period. we will also be learning about similies and their uses in literature.

We have started collecting ideas for our memoirs. In the coming week we will be writing small about big topics, and will also be reading literature to inspire our writing. some of the literature that we will be paying special attention to will be the chapter "Alone" from Jacqueline Woodson's From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun, and Journey by Patricia MacLachlan.

In science we are continuing our study on light. This week we will be making kaleidoscopes and periscopes. By the end of the week students will have a firm understanding that Light always reflects away from a mirror at the same angle that it hits the mirror. In the periscope, light hits the top mirror at a 45-degree angle and reflects away at the same angle, which bounces it down to the bottom mirror. That reflected light hits the second mirror at a 45-degree angle and reflects away at the same angle, right into your eye.

That being said I need at least 10 empty (and cleanish) paper milk cartons to make our periscopes. I've done it in the past where we cut cardboard and tape it all together but it takes an incredible amount of time. If you have a few milk cartons to spare send them to school with your student by Wednesday.

Our Students Eat........A LOT!!!!

Everyday our classroom has a snack. Many times students bring a snack from home, but often times their snack is forgotten or they just didn't bring one. I am down to my last few granola bars and in need of a few more classroom snacks. If you have anything to spare (like a giant box of goldfish crackers, graham crackers, apple sauce, pretzels...) please send them in.

Question of the Week!!

Carmen received some money for her birthday on Friday. That night, she took her friend out to dinner. She spent half of her check for dinner. Then she tipped the waiter $6. The next evening they went to dinner alone, spent half of the money she had left, and tipped the waiter $2. The next evening she went to dinner again, she spent half of the money she had left, and tipped the waiter $1. At this time she had $6 left. How much money did she originally have?