Allen Iverson

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“I remember playing in a basketball tournament but when I got back home, we didn’t have electricity because my mom spent her last money on my sneakers.” Allen Iverson was living in poverty with his teenage mom until he earned his families living. Working as a professional basketball player In the NBA

Biography Poem


Born in Hampton, Virginia

Lived in Philadelphia

Worked as an NBA player

Who is athletic, Influential, and caring

Who fears of slipping up, going to jail, and losing family and friend

Who gives money, love, and talent


Background Information

Allen Ezail Iverson was born on June 7, 1975 in Hampton, Virginia. Young Allen lived in severe poverty with his teenage mother and without a father. Sometimes the Iverson often lived without food, water, and sometimes no electricity. This young athlete looked at sports to get out of all this poverty, he played baseball, and excelled in football and basketball.


Some of the many accomplishments of Allen Iverson include.

In high school- won AAU nationals as a sophomore.

Two years of college- won two big east defensive players of the year.

NBA- won rookie of the year, in 2000-2001 Allen won scoring and steals title and won the MVP award. 2007 Iverson was the seventh fastest player in NBA history to score 20,000 points. 2013 he officially retired, and in 2016 Allen Iverson was inducted into the basketball hall of fame.


Allen Iverson lived in a world with many difficulties, it wasn’t anything new to him to have one of his friends or family die or get shot in newport bad news. Allen lived in poverty for much of his life and struggled in school. His worst incident happened at a bowling alley in 1993. A white man started making racial comments toward Iverson when one of his friends came and punched the guy from behind. After this happened, the bowling alley took sides according to race. Afterwards authorities took a look at a camera that was in use, and thought they saw Iverson throw a chair at a white woman making her fall to the ground and faint. Iverson was trialed as an adult and sentenced to 5 years in prison. After serving three months in prison he was released for lack of evidence that it was him who threw the chair.

Personal Qualities

Allen had many qualities that made him a good basketball player. He was always the best and fastest dribbler on the court. He went by the motto “the answer” because was always the working hard on the court and everyone thought he would be one of the next greats in the NBA. He now runs charities for kids and families who are in poverty. On the court he was always “ The littlest man with the biggest heart.” He had many qualities but many people thought he wasn’t a role model for the way he dressed on game days in the NBA.

Allen Iverson Top 10 Plays of Career

Allen Iverson Top 10 Plays of Career


Many people would say that Allen Iverson was just a punk who could just dribble a ball and get into trouble. But, in my book he was a role model to young kids in poverty who dreamed of living in the lights. Allen Iverson made all those kids believe in themselves. It just goes to show " hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." Allen Iverson was always the one to work hard.

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