Lenawee County

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Learning Format

1) Register for and attend one of the two 4-hour face-to-face orientation workshops held at Lenawee ISD.

  • Choice 1: Feb. 10, 2015 from 4:30-8:30, if you want to start from the beginning.
  • Choice 2: Mar. 31, 2015 from 4:30-8:30, if the early “Things” do not appeal to you, choose this later orientation option.

2) After attending orientation, register a la carte for 2-week online sessions. Three different “Things” will be covered every 2 weeks (see topics below). Sign up for all of the sessions or just those you are interested in!

For each 2-week online session:

  • Attend 75 min webinar on Monday afternoon, 4:00 –5:15. Webinars require a high speed Internet connection. A laptop or desktop can be helpful, allowing participants to join the webinar while simultaneously practicing on an iPad.
  • Independently access tutorials and complete projects – some with multiple tasks; averages about 7 hours per 2-weeks.
  • Submit a signed time log documenting your independent work, post artifacts of your learning and reflections to a blog you will create, and complete an evaluation.

Important Notes

Each participant needs an iPad onto which she or he can install apps.

Each participant needs an iTunes account set up before the orientation session.


To register, visit the LISD PD Center online registration website at www.solutionwhere.com/ww/lisd.

If you need assistance, call Kathy Campbell, LISD Professional Development Secretary & Registrar

Dates and topics for the 2-week sessions ~ register for all or just a few

2/16-2/27, Session 1 = iPad Basics/Pedagogy; Connect and Collaborate; Staying Informed

3/2-3/13, Session 2 = Photo Editing; Presentations; Screencasting

3/16-3/27, Session 3 = Digital Storytelling; Comic & Book Creation; iBooks

4/13-4/24, Session 4 = Productivity; Learning Management; Classroom Tools

4/27-5/8, Session 5 = Universal Design for Learning; Assessment; Content Areas

5/11-5/22, Session 6 = Creative Expression; Movie Making; QR Codes & Augmented Reality

5/25-6/5, Session 7 = Study Skills & Visual Thinking; Research and Reference; Problem Solving & Programming