How to use Aurasma

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What is it?

  • An augmented realty app and creator.
  • It brings a picture or other object to life.
  • It adds a video or overlay over the picture.
  • Some people have called them QR codes on steroids.
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Getting ready

  • Go to the Aurasma website and sign up.
  • Download the App - It is in iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows store.
  • Find a photo, or if you are on your iPad take a photo, that will serve as your trigger image.
  • Choose something to overlay - video, voice, text, link, anything.
  • If you are using the mobile app, you have to either make the video on your device or download it.

Using a Computer

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  • To do a webstie:
  • Insert an existing overlay
  • In the top right, insert a blank overlay.
  • In the box add a website.
  • Put the website in there.

Using a Mobile Device

  • Download the App
  • You have to have everything saved onto your device.
  • When using a device, it is easiest to create your own
  • Or download>save to drive or drop box>put on device
  • Click on the plus sign in the app
  • Choose what you want to be shown when you scan (overlay)
  • Choose the picture/trigger image.
  • You are done!

Tips and Warnings

  • Use a darker picture or something that has a lot of detail.
  • It may be easier to use actual objects.
  • For some reason making it public makes it not work right. :( (At least that was how it was for me.)
  • The problem with that is that no one else can view it unless they subscribe to your channel. You just have to work with it.
  • Sometimes it will work when you subscribe to the channel, sometimes not.
  • Ones I have done on the computer and on a device didn't show up in both places.


  • Poster telling about the teacher
  • Interactive periodic table...interactive ANYTHING!
  • A student created poster with a video of them telling about it.
  • An assignment calendar that links to a Google Doc.
  • "Frayer model" vocabulary - rather than writing down the definition, the student could make a video telling what the word is about.
  • Interactive word walls.

How it Works