CvMS Media Center Highlights

February 2014

Do What You Love: Career Research Project

Every year the CvMS 8th grade Language Art's teachers, Mrs. Pleasants, Mrs. Meese, Ms. Standley, and Mr. Wharton, require their students to select a career and perform an in-depth research on their chosen profession. This year, these teachers collaborated with Mrs. Whitaker and Mrs. Cravens, CvMS media coordinators, and together they revamped their original project to align it with the Big6 Research Method.

Step 3 of the Big 6 is known as Location and Access; 14 classes visited the media center or either the media coordinators went to their classes where students were taught how to locate and access a variety of sources using WebPath Express, One Search, and Follett Shelf Career Encyclopedia.

These research tools are used by teachers and students to research topics and locate age appropriate, relevant, and credible materials. These modern research tools also generate a citation list which is very handy when a Works Cited page is required. Mrs. Ricapito, seventh grade Language Arts teacher, exposed her students to these resources recently as well; she required students to research a World War II topic concluding the reading of Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac. Overall, the collaboration was a success, and students are using these great tools instead of "just googling" information.

Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. CvMS media center pulled books for a Black History Month display to mark the significance of important black Americans and events in history. The sixth grade Language Art's team consisting of Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Renfrow, Mrs. Moore, and Mrs. Keene required their students to complete a PROBE on a notable black American which involved locating biographies and reference materials; Mrs. Whitaker and Mrs. Cravens were very happy to see many students using WebPath Express, One Search, and NC WiseOwl to research and locate materials.

Resources were also pulled for Ms. Warren to use for her AP class for Black History Month; her students were required to explore a notable black American as well. Materials were placed a cart for her students, and they visited the media center to check out these materials.

County Professional Development

Also, during February, Johnston County media specialists attended a professional development seminar conducted by Karei Swift, account manager, from Follett School Solutions. Media specialists learned about incorporating Webpath Express, Onesearch, and Follett Shelf eBooks in the classroom. Mr. Swift explained how these modern-day research tools can be used to locate relevant, age-appropriate materials. He will visit CvMS on March 12 to lead training on these resources during teacher professional learning community (PLC) time.

What's Really Happening in the Library?

Media Center Statistics

  • Total Circulation: 2284 books and other resources
  • Nonfiction: 889 nonfiction books
  • Fiction: 545 fiction books
  • Class Novels: 654 class set novels
  • Spanish Books: 6 Spanish books
  • Open Access: 138 students visited the media center independently to check out books, use computers, or take a test
  • 26 Language Arts classes taught by media coordinators
  • Interlibrary Loan: CvMS borrowed 3 resources from other schools, CvMS loaned 3 resources to other schools.


*There were 16 school days in February.

  • Computer lab booked 92 times
  • 8 Chromebook carts reserved 164 times

Destiny Resources and Research Tools

  • Follett Shelf eBooks: 11 eBooks checked out/read online
  • WebPath Express Searches: 572
  • One Search Database Usage: 10,808 searches for 2013-14 (students & staff)

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The media coordinators also keep busy performing other tasks:

  • Troubleshooting technology i.e. projectors, computers, chromebooks,
  • Demonstrating how to access Follett Shelf eBooks and Destiny Library Manager tools
  • Setting up teacher DVDs/Videos for classroom viewings on the Bogen
  • Creating visual displays to engage students and promote reading
  • Locating materials for students and teachers
  • Ordering, covering, and cataloging new books and materials