From Peanuts to Peanut Butter

By: Stella Mavis


Mmm yummy... oops sorry I did not see you there. Hello, my name is Stella. Are you ready for a delightful adventure? Well keep on reading and lets find out how peanut butter is made!


Here we are at this smelly farm. Farmers plant peanuts at last frost. The shelled peanut or kernel [ kernel is a peanut seed also ] Is planted two inches deep and two inches apart from other kernel's. The kernels sprout in about 10 days after planting then the flowers form about 40 days after planting. When the flower petals drop then the peanut is ready to harvest. The peanuts are harvested 120 - 160 days after planting. [ usually in September or October. ] After that the peanuts get shipped to the factory.


"Beep Beep Beep"here we are at this - "CRASH" super loud factory. First the peanuts travel through this hot air roaster and guess what the heat is 242 C. When the peanuts get out of the hot air roaster the peanuts get fast cooled at room temperature by suction fans. The peanuts go through the blunter. The blunter takes out the peanuts skin and heart. Well look what we have here the peanuts are lounging in this giant stainless steel container! Now they get dropped down into this grinder to be pasted with salt, sugar, and vegetable oil. Look the peanuts are getting to be put in jars. Now finally they get shipped to the store.


Hmmmm... where is the peanut butter isle? OH! there you are. Now mostly what happens at the store is people buy peanut butter and enjoy the peanut taste.

Fun Facts

  • Peanut butter was invented by a docter for a subsitute for pepole who can't chew meat!
  • Peanut soil can't be to wet or to dry or to wet or else the peanut will stick to the ground!
  • To make a five hundred ground jar it takes 1,100 peanuts!
  • Peanuts sprout and pollenate themselves!
  • When the peanuts get out of the hot air roaster the peanut is not white it is brown!
  • The hearts of peanuts go to birds for bird food and the skin goes to pigs for pig food!
  • Peanuts are unushual becuase it flowers above the ground and fruits below the ground!
  • Peanut butter is a rich protine that has pleanty of vitmins and miniroals.
  • Peanut butter ha fat the good news is that 80% of that fat is unsaturated to help lower the cholesterol level in the blood!


So now do you know how peanut butter is made?
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