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February 2021

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Administration Message- Mr. Anthony Kathleen Elementary School Principal

Fantastic February Cougar Families,

We are excited about an opportunity to celebrating a new month and a new quarter.

Currently, we have a “Nonfiction Challenge” going on for Quarter 3. Students are encouraged to read and score 85% or higher on books about people, places, and things. Read, read, read!

This month, we are WIDA testing. This assessment is for our students, K-5, who are speakers of other languages. This will assist us in supporting their acquisition of English. Scores will be shared with parents later in the year.

Every Day, We are striving for an “A”

Adrian Anthony

Administration Message- Mrs. Williams Kathleen Elementary School Assistant Principal

Welcome to February!

All of our Cougars, E-Learners & campus students, are working hard. Our teachers are dedicated to teaching and learning, and we are immersed in learning here at KES! Make sure to check out your child’s Class Story on Class Dojo to see all of the learning in action!

Math Night and FSA Night Title 1 Nights flyers are on social media and Class Dojo.

We look forward to “seeing” you on Zoom! 😊

Masks Up! - Please continue to adhere to CDC and School Board regulations regarding masks and social distancing. If you child is sick, please continue to keep them home.

If students are experiencing symptoms, they are placed in our isolation room on campus.. Students cannot return to school unless they have seen a doctor, return with a negative test result, and/or they have quarantined for 10 days. Thank you to for working with us in keeping our students and staff safe.

Thank you for continuing to support to all of our efforts here at KES! Please let us know how we can support you and your family!

Mrs. Williams


COUNSELOR CORNER- Mr. Pollock Guidance Counselor

Family Time Fun Suggestions

When families spend time together interacting in fun, meaningful ways, bonding and the lines of communication are enhanced. Here are some creative, inexpensive activities to give variety to your family time:

  • Play indoor hide & seek. Play at night and turn off the lights and use flashlights.
  • Create a timed obstacle course out of cushions and furniture.
  • Have a dance party. Get wild and turn off lights and add glowsticks, glow jewelry, or flashing/light up toys to the mix.
  • Build a fort. Grab some old blankets and sheets and spend the afternoon creating a super cool hideout.
  • Have a puzzle race. Pick 100 piece or less puzzles and see who can finish each one first. (Dollar stores are a great place to find them.)
  • Family slumber party.
  • Make cereal jewelry. Perfect for a snack while reading or movie night.
  • Create sock puppets and put on a show.
  • Make paper airplanes. Have a contest to see which one goes farthest.


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Important Notice!

If your child has been tested for coronavirus, please do not send your child to school until you receive a negative test result. Please notify the school about the situation so that arrangements can be made for your child to participate in online learning.

If a member of your household has tested positive, please do not send your child to school and call the Florida Department of Health at 863-519-7911 for further direction. Thank you for your cooperation.


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Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Monday, February 1, 2021- Thursday, February 11, 2021- The Candy Gram and Free Dress fundraiser will start on Monday February 1st until Thursday Febuary 11th. (More Information Below)
  • Wednesday, February 3, 2021- Early Release
  • Wednesday, February 3, 2021- PTA Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, February 3, 2021- Virtual FSA Parent Information Night (more information below)
  • Thursday, February 4, 2021- Virtual Math Night (more information below)
  • Friday, February 5, 2021- Report Cards are distributed. E-learners Report Cards will be sent home or can be picked up in the front office. Please call ahead if you are picking them up from the front office.
  • Thursday, February 11, 2021- Science Showcase
  • Thursday, February 11, 2021- Last day to send in money for Candy Grams and Free Dress.
  • Friday, February 12, 2021- Candy Grams are distributed and students who paid for Free Dress may participate.
  • Monday, February 15, 2021-HOLIDAY (Presidents’ Day) – NO SCHOOL
  • Friday, February 19,2021- Kathleen Baptist Church is having a Food Drive-Thru (details below).
  • Friday, February 26, 2021- Student of the Month Lunch
  • Friday, February 26, 2021- PBIS Reward (Popcorn)
  • Friday, February 26, 2021- No Uniform Day ($1) Fifth grade fundraising

Upcoming Important Reminders:

  • Monday, February 1, 2021- Thursday, February 11, 2021- Candy Gram and Free Dress money will be collected from Monday February 1st until Thursday Febuary 11th. The Candy Grams are $1. Free Dress and a Candy Gram is $2. The students will receive there Candy Gram and Free Dress on Friday February 12th.

  • Wednesday, February 3, 2021 is our Virtual FSA Parent Information Night for Grades 3-5 Via Zoom. It starts at 5:00 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. Please check your students Class Dojo for Zoom information.

  • Thursday, February 4, 2021 is our Virtual Math Night Video style. It starts at 5:00 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. Please check Class Dojo for more information.

  • Kathleen Baptist Church is having a Food Drive-Thru on the third Friday of the month. Feeding the Community: The church has invited all interested families to participate. Distribution will be February 19 at Kathleen Baptist Church 3939 2nd St. NW Lakeland, FL 33810 For more information please call Seth Miller at (863)858-3836.The car line will open at 8:30 a.m. The distribution of food begins at 9:00 a.m. and will run to 11:00 a.m. in front of Worship Center.

  • Friday, February 26, 2021 is our Fifth Grade No Uniform (Free Dress) Fundraiser, it is $1.
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What We Have Learned: We learned about different types of buildings and how they are the same and different.

Looking Ahead: Next week we will learn about who builds buildings and what tools they use. Our vocabulary will include builder, brick layer, carpenter, electrician, plumber and hammer, saw, cement mixer, trowel, mallets, and screwdrivers.

Fun Things to Try at Home: Study your home with your child. How old is your home? Who built it? What are its dimensions?

Vroom Tip: Silly Suds: Get silly while getting clean. Tell your child, “Let’s wash your hands!” but start washing their feet. What do they do? Then say, “Oh! Those are your feet! Where are your hands?” As they get older have them lead, using other parts of their body like elbows, wrists, and ankles.

Conscious Discipline Encouragement Corner: You can encourage kindness, helpfulness and compliance through noticing. What you notice, you will get more of. “You did it. You ______ so ______. That was helpful.” Notice your child’s daily efforts of kindness and being helpful and you will see a lot more kindness and helpfulness.


Early Dismissal-February 3, 2021 Holiday

February 15, 2021 (President’s Day)

Preschool can be messy. Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothes at school.


Subject Area Content Focus:

English Language Arts/Reading: We are learning about weather and the animal kingdom. We are asking and answering questions about key details, as well as making connections between characters and events. We are still isolating blending and also switching out beginning sounds of a word.

Math: In math, we are learning numbers 11-20, counting, writing it and show the number as 10 and how many more, You can support your student by providing small objects (beans, buttons, or pennies) for him/her to count and write down how many. We are also counting up to 100 daily.

Science: In science, we are talking about the earth in space and time. Our fist topic will be about what and how gravity works. Our next big idea is living organisms.

Social Studies: In social studies, we are rediscovering what rules we follow in different places. We are also discussing weather.

Writing: We are writing about topics in language arts, science, and social studies as well as continuing to integrate writing into all subjects.


Student of the Month:

Ms. Fransted- Halie Coker

Mrs. Romanov- Kapri Gordon

Ms. Lykins- Charity Robinson

Ms. Taylor- Kaiden Tidwell

Ms. Sanchez- Arealys Rodriguez

Subject Area Content Focus:

English Language Arts/Reading: In ELA, our learning target is to describe characters, setting, and events in fictional stories and to identify the main topic and key details in informational texts. Students should also be able to identify who is telling the story at different parts in the text.

Math: In Math, the learning target is to subtract multiples of 10. Students will also be learning how to add a two-digit number with a one digit number and/or a multiple of 10. Please practice basic facts with your kids. SMAD testing of basic addition and subtraction facts is every Thursday.

Science: In Science we will be learning about the harmful and beneficial properties of the Sun.

Social Studies: In Social Studies, we will learn and write about President’s Day.

Writing: Students will practice writing informative/explanatory papers. Students are completing graphic organizers for stories read in class. They are completing sentence frames to explain information gathered from their organizer.


Student of the Month:

Mrs. Miller- Austin Denham

Mrs. Owens- Adrian Binzha

Ms. Sanders- Vanessa Griffin

Subject Area Content Focus:

English Language Arts/Reading: We just finished up Main Topic and are now moving into how an author makes connections in a text (cause/effect, compare/contrast, or sequencing).

Math: We are working on three digit addition and subtraction.

Science/Social Studies: We are learning about the seasons and how they affect us.

Writing: The students are writing an essay based on text evidence.


Student of the Month:

Mrs. Lima-Jones- Anabella Detwiler

Ms. Ali- Marley Gordon

Mrs. Hardy- Caden Johnson

Mrs. Morrison- Hunter Jason

Subject Area Content Focus:

English Language Arts/Reading: Several of the third grade reading standards are now being used for the 2nd or 3rd time. Identifying the main idea of the text is built on by the standards of identifying key ideas and describe the connection the author has made in the paragraph. When reading ask your child what a certain page or paragraph is mostly about. Then find a connection that is made. For example: The author points out why so many people moved west during the gold rush (cause and effect) Or the author explains the similarities and differences between foxes and wolves (compare and contrast).

Math: Students are working moving into our Geometry unit. They will be learning the standards of shape attributes (names, number of sides, classification by groups and angles). They will also be counting units of area in a figure as well as the perimeter. Some examples are: How many square feet is the area of your bedroom? If the perimeter of fencing around a backyard is____ what would be the area of the yard? What do a square and rectangle have in common? How can I describe the shapes in this group?

Science/Social Studies: Students are learning about plant parts and how they function. They are planting seeds and observing how they grow. They should be able to talk about the resources living things need to grow and survive. When driving down the road or taking a walk, point out the plants around. Have your child talk about what part of the plant is the seed, leaf, flower, fruit, stem or roots.

Writing: Students answer how and why questions after reading a text. They analyze how characters change their point of view throughout a story or compare themes.


Subject Area Content Focus:

English Language Arts/Reading: Fourth grade is continuing to move along in their learning at a quick pace. In February, the students will be working on the point of view and the perspective from which a story is told. They will work toward mastery of explaining why an author choose a specific text structure. They will wrap up the month by focusing on different themes in literature.

We want to encourage our students to read at least 30 minutes at home every day. Reading greatly improves our students’ vocabulary, which in turn, leads to success in the classroom.

Math: Students will continue to learn about fractions and their decimal relationship. They will also continue practicing comparing the value of numbers. After learning about decimals, students will begin unit conversions.

Parents, multiplication and division are heavily used throughout 4th grade, so please help your child study their multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction math facts every night. This also helps with SMAD which happens every Thursday: solving 100 facts in 7 minutes!

Science: Students are beginning to learn about the phases of the moon, the effects of space exploration, and rocks and minerals. Explore at home the moon at night and Earth beneath our feet.

Social Studies: Students will continue to learn about our great state. They have been learning about the branches of government and will start working with maps next week. Did your student share with you what he or she learned about the inauguration? Very interesting!

Accelerated Reading: Fourth grade just finished competing in a Word Count Challenge. As a whole grade level, 4th grade read 1,384,765 words! Way to go, 4th grade!!

Special Shout Out!

Thank you to all the students that have participated in Literacy Week. We have had a wonderful week.


Students of the Month:

Ms. Cannan- Zandyn Van Valkenburg

Mr. Clifford- Shayanne Walker

Ms. Matthews- Bryian Bellmon

Ms. Zapata- Tyler McGowan

Subject Area Content Focus:

English Language Arts/Reading: Students will be Identifying and Comparing the Speaker's Point of View through Text Evidence/Inferences. Students will be Comparing the Points of View of the same Event or Topic. Students will learn how to Identify Multiple Main Ideas and summarize them. Students will also be reading for argumentation.

Encourage nonfiction reading, such as science and history books, magazines, articles, cookbooks, how to books, and video games guides just to name a few. Remember students should be reading 30 minutes every night. Students are expected to take at least one Accelerated Reading (AR) Quiz on a weekly basis at their reading level with 85% mastery. Resources students can use at home:

Writing: Students will be Revising and Editing their writing. They will be working on the Focus, Purpose, Organization, adding Evidence into their essay, and Elaboration. They are revising their essays with the goal of meeting the FSA Rubric Standards.

Math: Students are working with decimals:

  • Feb 1st–Feb 5th : LT 4.10: Divide Decimals to the hundredths place using concrete models and place value strategies.
  • Feb 8th–Feb 11th: LT 4.11: Using the Four Operations, students will relate strategy to a written method and explain the reasoning used.
  • Feb 16th–Feb 26th: LT 5.1: Convert among different- sized standard units within a given measurement system. Invite your child to cook with you and get familiar with measurement vocabulary.

Practice Resources students can use at home:

  • Freckle (Classlink)
  • Khan Academy: Videos with tutorials and practice (
  • Prodigy (

Science: This Month students will be learning how Energy Transfers and Transforms through Electrical Circuits, Conductors, and Insulators. They will also learn about Forces and Changes in Motion.

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Reading and Writing are connected in three important ways that have been proven by research.

First: They require a common set of skills and knowledge. Students must hear the phonemes, match sounds and letters, and remember spelling patterns to decode and to write. Comprehension requires knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, recognizing text structure and possessing background knowledge—so does writing. That means when you are teaching the foundations of reading, you are also teaching the foundations of writing, and writing instruction also strengthens reading.

Second: Writers think about their audiences and what they want to tell them. Readers must think about what an author is trying to tell them. Students as writers in the author’s seat will naturally strengthen their reading skills.

Third: The combined use of reading and writing can help us reach goals. Specifically, reading and then writing about it (summaries, analyses, syntheses) can help us study and increase our comprehension. Also, close reading skills applied to writing can help us produce academic writing such as our FSA essays.

In conclusion, putting writing on the back burner will not increase our reading scores, but embracing writing and integrating it into our daily practice will. For more information, try this article:

I would love to help you strategize writing integration for your students. Please let me know how I can help.


How to help your students have effective and productive conversations in the classroom? This can be done not only with partners, but during a whole group lesson. Accountable talk helps students respect the views of their peers, while helping build their communication skills. Accountable talk helps structure meaningful conversations.

The language of accountable talk:

  • I agree because…
  • I disagree because…
  • I would like to restate what you said…
  • I would like to add on to what you said…
  • I also noticed…
  • I wonder…



We all have choices in life and as humans, we can have immaculate growth or choose to be fixated on one thing that can stagnate ever growing again. We teach students to make good choices to convert their actions. Teachers are the models of what a student sees 8 hours a day, thus our actions will be reflected in 1/3 of their daily actions.

Marzano suggests setting growth goals. This can be short term or long-term goals to set the pace for success in students and student activity during the school day. For example, your weekly class goal can be: By Friday, 60% of students in the three learning groups will be able to explain how their positive behavior or attitude added to a success this week. This can move on and be increased or added into academics but there is an attainable goal for the class to work and hence build a better team.


Encourage your child to recognize and appreciate other people’s talents and abilities. Some gifted children have difficulty relating with children their own age because of their advanced vocabulary and varied and diverse interests. Talk with your child’s teacher and other parents of gifted children to help foster friendships with other gifted children, and provide opportunities for your child to socialize with older children through programs outside of school.
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Below are some online resources to support your students education:

English Language Arts/Reading: Smarty Ants-(K-2) and Istation-(3-5) located on class link


Science/Social Studies:

Media Center Updates

3rd Nine Weeks Nonfiction AR Quiz

Book Challenge

Jan. 18th until Mar.19th

You need to earn an 80% or better on each quiz. Students must keep track of their quizzes in their AR folder and their bookmark.

There are 3 levels. Below are the goals for the number of books you need to read each week to achieve each level. If you score below an 80% on a test, read another book and quiz again. You can earn a total of 3 Brag Tags, 3 Treats, 2 Prize Box prizes, and one item from the Cougar Market.

  • Level 1: Read 12 Nonfiction Books

To Do: Read 2 books per week and score an 80% or higher.

Prize: Brag Tag and Treat

  • Level 2: Read 24 Nonfiction Books

To Do: Read 3 books per week and score an 80% or higher.

Prize: Brag Tag, Treat, and Prize Box.

  • Level 3: Read 36 Nonfiction Books

To do: Read 4 NF books per week and score an 80% or higher.

Prize: Brag Tag, Treat, Prize Box, and an item from the Cougar Market.

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Upcoming SAC Meeting: Wednesday March 10, 2021 at 3:15pm

Kathleen Baptist Church is having a Food Drive-Thru on the third Friday of the month.

Feeding the Community: The church has invited all interested families to participate.

Distribution will be February 19 at Kathleen Baptist Church

3939 2nd St. NW Lakeland, FL 33810

For more information please call Seth Miller at (863)858-3836.

The car line will open at 8:30 a.m. The distribution of food begins at 9:00 a.m. and will run to 11:00 a.m. in front of Worship Center.

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February 3, 2021 is our next PTA General Meeting Below you will find the Meeting ID and Passcode.

Zoom Meeting ID: 851 3333 7829

Passcode: KESPTA2021

Below is the Link to our New Facebook Page:
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Contact Us

Kathleen Elementary

3515 Sherertz Road, Lakeland, FL 33810

Phone: 863-853-6030

School Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.