The Lucky One IRP

By Lindsey Wallace, Period 3

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Differences in Plot and Setting:

  • To begin with, both the movie and book start off completely different. In the novel, the first chapter focuses on the background and powerful family and persona of Keith Clayton, how he and Logan met, and the series of events that lead to the mutual feeling of dislike between the two. Not having Keith appear until the middle of the movie and not experiencing the conflicts before his appearance with both Logan and Keith's ex-wife (Logan's love interest from the lucky photograph that he found on his tour in Iraq) can confuse the viewer because not all of the facts are present.
  • The place in which most of the plot revolving around Logan, Keith and Beth takes place in the book is Hampton, North Carolina but in the movie it is Hamden, Louisiana.
  • In the end, Beth's son, Ben runs out to his treehouse that is connected to their backyard by a bridge over a river. This happens during a storm and in the movie, the bridge collapses while Ben is on it and Logan is able to save both him and Keith who got stuck when he went after Ben. However in the novel, Logan doesn't save either. Instead Logan's dog saves Ben and Logan and Keith end up fighting underwater in the river. This changes the relationship between the characters because the movie ends with Logan saving both Keith and Ben which makes Keith thankful and more accepting of Logan but this is not the case in the book.

Differences in the Lucky Photograph

  • In the book, Logan finds a photograph of Beth who is wearing a t-shirt that says "Lucky Lady" across the front and is standing in front of the Hampton Carnival. In the background of the picture, there are three extremely tall trees that help Logan figure out the exact spot in which the photo was taken. However, in the movie, Beth is wearing a plain white shirt and is standing in front of a lighthouse.
  • The photograph is considered luck in both the novel and movie but only saved Logan from ONE bad incident in Iraq which was the explosion that would have killed him if he did not see the photograph and go pick it up. In the book, Logan miraculously survives several potentially harmful events during battles and does not initially keep the photograph. Instead he posts it up on a bulletin board hoping it would find its way back to its owner but it never does so Logan decides to keep it with the influence of a friend.
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Difference in Character:

  • In the novel, Keith is portrayed as an extremely forceful, powerful, demanding, manipulating and aggressive. He is not happy because of the pressure his father has on him and constantly manipulates Beth to keep custody of their son. The custody is still the same issue in the movie but Keith's character is not as exaggerated.