By Jessica Moret

Vocabulary Defined:

"a language user's knowledge of words" (Vocabulary.com, 2016, para. 5)


After learning word recognition, the next step is to help students expand their vocabulary. "Research indicates a strong correlation between reader's vocabulary knowledge and their language comprehension" (DeVries, 2015, pg. 147). When reading a simply book, such as 'Goldilocks and the 3 Little Bears,' unless children know what the vocabulary term "porridge" means ahead of time, they will have to sole depend on context clues from the story and pictures in order to understand what the story is about. It would be easier for students to comprehend text if they are informed ahead of time as to what the words mean through their prior vocabulary knowledge. We do not educate students by simply reading off lists of words and their definitions. Vocabulary is more than that. "Knowing a word's meaning includes knowing multiple definitions and variants and being able to use them in conversation and for written communication" (DeVries, 2015, pg. 147). Vocabulary is a necessary skill for students to master in order to improve reading comprehension and fluency.
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Sailor Connect Vocabulary Workshop

This online vocabulary workshop has a vast amount of vocabulary resources to help students build and expand their vocabulary such as word lists, flashcards, and games organized by units. It includes family games that could be used at home or as a classroom activity.
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iPad Apps for Teaching Vocabulary

As schools and classrooms begin to integrate more advanced technology, like iPads, into their lesson plans, it is crucial for teachers to have access and knowledge of excellent apps for their students to utilize during iPad assisted teaching time. This website highlights their top 6 with explanation and links to download them.

Vocabulary Pictures to Words

For many of our students, visual aids help to connect the meaning of a word to the vocabulary word. This website a great resource that implement this idea of using pictures to help define words.
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Youtube Vocabulary Videos

This Youtube video was produced for the use of ESL teachers to help students learn their basic animal vocabulary. Think how many stories use animal references in them. Having prior animal vocabulary knowledge is crucial for students to comprehend a multitude of simple stories.
Zoo Animals ESL Vocabulary For Kids - Teaching and Learning English


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