not actually that sandy


Watch out!!! you might want to be carful were you live because of a situation that has come to our attention and you might want to cheack out the area because..... there was a hurricane that hit the coast of new jersey, it was a catigory 3 hurricane.


If you need help because you are in this situation then contact the RED CROSS for help.... they have tones of helpful suplies tp help with the disaster that you are in and other stuff like tents,fresh water,food and money. They also supply  great medical assistance.

some of the different hurricanes

guaranteed to wash you away


Hurricanes are some of the most harmful  and some of the deadliest storms out there. They also tend to carry away your things in the water. They also hurt and kill most of tbhe things in there way.

The Day That This Sad Disaster Happend

Thursday, Oct. 25th 2012 at 9pm

Cuba, Bahomas, Greater Antilles

it hit these three places with hurricanes between a catigory 1-3 , when this catagory 1-3 hits it ends up leaving more homeless then  what started. It also leaves tones missing members and so killed. it also ends up ruining things in minutes.