The Boer War

"Quarrel of the white people"

The First Boer War

  • Boers are white Africans of Danish decent
  • British annexation of Transvaal and Orange Free State
  • Boer militia men used hit and run tactics
  • 3 month long war
  • Pretoria convention

British aggression

  • Discovered gold in Witswatersrand
  • Boers hired specialists
  • Caused political unrest

Stages of War

  • Stage 1: Preemptive strike by the Boers
  • Stage 2: British offensive
  • Stage 3: Scorched Earth and Guerrilla Tactics

Affects on Boers

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European Aftershocks

  • Changed moral opinion of war
  • Angered Germany and France
  • Expansion of South Africa