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Welcome! We are excited and pleased to present our newly created website! Please bookmark our website and check for updates regarding local events, networking opportunities, and chapter news!

EMU and Myanmar 2018

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Eta Rho Fundraising at Lucky's Market Ann Arbor, MI

Eta Rho raising funds at LUCKY’S Market Fall 2018 (UM Parking)
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Call for Volunteers for 2019 UM Parking Fundraisers

Contact: Dr. Caroline Peltz:

Contact Kelley Kamin:

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As a follow-up to the online newsletter, here are the fundraising dates and call for volunteers:

Fundraising: Help run Lucky's Market's UM Football game-day parking lot by either directing traffic, setting up cones, or collecting parking money. Lucky's Market will provide you with a free lunch, the commitment ends at kick-off time!! Funds raised with go to Eta Rho!!!!

1919 S Industrial Hwy, Ann Arbor, MI 48104



ICC added a friendly match between Napoli & Barcelona at UM stadium Aug 10 5pm.

7:30pm Kick-off 8/31/19 vs MTS
12pm Kick-off 9/7/19 vs Army
TBA Kick-off 9/28/19 vs Rutgers
12pm Kick-off 10/5/19 vs Iowa
TBA Kick-off 10/26/19 vs Notre Dame
TBA Kick-off 11/16/19 vs MSU
12pm Kick-off 11/30/19 vs OSU

Volunteer Hours
Noon game-time, arrive at 7am
3pm game-time, arrive at 9am
5pm game-time arrive at 11am
7pm game-time arrive at 1pm

Contact Kelly Kamin at or 617-642-9332

Eta Rho Board

EMU Eta Rho Induction April 14, 2019 (additional photo's on FB)

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Showcase of Regional Excellence Recognition

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