Third Grade News from Mrs. C

STAAR WEEK (April 20-24th)

Tidbits From the Teacher

This is our week to shine and we are going to be so brilliant that the world will need sunglasses! You should go find yours right now.

This week will be a week that is unusual. Everyone will have nightly "homework" and I do ask that you adhere to the homework. It's based upon research and recommendations of teachers and parents who've been through testing weeks. (PLUS, we need to release a little tension and celebrate all of our hard work!)

Thank You!!

I want to give everyone a big THANK YOU for making teacher appreciation week so special last week! I can't tell you enough how happy all of those cards made me. Some of them were really, really sweet and some of them were really, really, really funny! I love when I can see the personality of the writer shine through the words. (I'm smiling right now thinking about them!!)

As for bringing me lunch each day- I never dreamed just how happy and thankful I could be for not having to worry about what I was doing for lunch!! It was such a fun surprise each day to see what would be left in the office! For all of those lunches- thank you one million times!! That was the best idea EVER!!!

I was also showered with candies, flowers, gift cards, and so many thoughtful wishes. Thank you. My words aren't nearly enough to convey just how much I appreciate your happiness and trust when it comes to working with your children daily.

Dates to Remember

April 21st: STAAR math test for 3rd grade (no visitors on campus)

April 22nd: STAAR reading test for 3rd grade (no visitors on campus)

April 24th: Sommer Cookout during lunch (look at E-notes for form- due April 2nd)

April 27th: Mrs. C at a meeting all day- Mrs. Salman is subbing!

April 30th: Kona Ice Day courtesy of the Sommer PTA!!

May 8th: Field Day


Homework came home today for everyone in the class. Please look over it carefully. It will probably take close to an hour or so to complete it each night (wink, wink!).

What We're Studying and Learning...

This week will be strangely different yet fun! After testing, we'll take it easy and have items in place to keep everyone awake but not doing anything requiring deep thoughts. There are also a couple of days that should be quite fun around here!