South Carolina

A Rocky Ending…

Precious Commodity

When Europeans arrived to South Carolina, the Indians were already there. Indians competed to trade with the Europeans and many Indian wars broke out because of it. The Westo Indians dominated trade over the other Indian tribes by offering Carolina traders Indian slave, a precious commodity until 1690.

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Allies For The Win

The proprietor of my colony was Anthony Ashley Cooper who was the Earl of Shaftsbury. The Fundamentals of Constitutions was drafted to begin our new colony by Cooper and his secretary, John Locke. My colony way the first to introduce slavery and the colony developed much wealth from the labor of slaves. A group of settlers and I arrived in Charles Town in 1670. We noticed how fertile the soil was in this subtropical climate and how great it would be for farming. In 1680, we became involved in a war, the Westo war, because our Indian traders had control over the Southeast while the Indian tribes fought to become the main suppliers. We sent our allies, the Savannah Indians, to take out the Westo Indians and also sent other allies to take out the Spanish. By doing so, we eliminated our European rivals. But the win was short lived when we entered another war, the Yamasee War. The Yamasees retaliated against us because they believed we cheated them out of land. The killed more than 400 of my people and forced us to abandon frontier settlements. Our colony then became an unstable and dangerous environment.

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