Don't Do Drugs

Bethany Stewart

Don't Do Drugs

Drugs are the downfall of the amazing brains and bodies we have been given! They have excellent disguises which they put on when we are most vulnerable to them. They are advertised as something which will reward you with happiness if you take them. They won’t give you the turn out that you are hoping for. They destroy things so that you must rely on them for life. They cause the ones who admire you to follow that example, and also do drugs. In the Starlite Recovery center article, it explained that drugs do not have any benefit to you, except a short bit of happiness, which will end, and you will feel more terrible than you did before. In, it explained that drugs are basically… poison in disguise. We have been given our bodies. Take care of it like your life depends on it, because it does!

You could show how amazing you are, you don’t need drugs for that. You shouldn't need drugs to show who you are.

We have power over them.

Do you know your real emotions?

You will no longer be able to think for yourself, when you take them. You become a robot depending on drugs to survive. You can't survive on drugs just as you can't survive on bread.
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