mark Zuckerberg started the company

They created facebook in harvard domority room

they created february,4,2004

They created because they wanted people to connect with outside world

what effects did it have on society/popular how did it change industry or everyday life

It keeps people together after a really long time

What was it like when it started/what changed/what else changed/What is it like now how is it better then it was when it frist started

It first started of for collage students

What change is that it started to be open for everyone

then millions of people stared to use the website

now its one of the most famous networks in the world

Its better then it was when started because its more people on the website


1.People can keep in contact with old friends

2.One of the best social websites

3.you can communicate with others

what life be without it

people wouldn't be able to keep in contact with there old friends that moved far away or people they haven't seen in a long time