Patriot or No

our strenghts and their weakness

  • we have very accurate shooting
  • we have George Washington on our side
  • we know the land
  • we don't take without asking (don't take to much)
their weakness
  • don't know the land
  • 3000 miles away form home

our cause

  • for our freedom
  • no taxes
  • save our land
  • no more British around
  • no one to tel us what to do
  • no more limits on our meetings


  • slaves that serve have to for one year and earn 5 dollars per month

Bunker Bill

at Bunker Hill we killed 1000 men after the tried to take the hill twice


  • get revenge on they red coats
  1. killing our friends and family
  2. taxes
  3. taking over our houses
  4. taking our supplies\
  • we can prove that we are worth every min out there fighting for our life and some of your life to.