By: Joe Cogley

Who, What, Where, When, and Why

The who?

  • The main operator behind the controls name was Alexander Akimov.
  • He was a former shift foreman at the Chernobyl power plant.
  • With him was Leonid Toptunov
  • Toptunov is an engineer with 26 years of experience

The what?

  • IT BLEW UP!!!
  • 1:23 A.M.
  • 2,200 pound steal lid obliterated and was thrown miles away
  • it reached 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • fire was under control by 5:00 A.M.
  • over 135,000 people were evacuated at that time, many more later.
  • 6 billion dollar clean up
  • about 576,000 deaths from radiation poisoning.

The where?

  • Urkaine, Russia. In the town of Chernobyl. at the Chernobyl V. I. Lenin Nuclear power plant

The When?

  • April 26,1986

The why?

  • Alexander Akimov's decision to test the reactor in unsafe conditions.

the test was postponed the night before and they were told to post pone the test for a second time that day

  • They went and did the test anyways, in unsafe conditions