Trench Warfare

by Jaedan

Have you ever wondered what is would be like to fight in the trenches on World War One?

What would Soldiers in World War One Fight With?

Soldiers in the trenches of World War One would use a variety on weapons, including rifles, bayonets, and grenades. A rifle was a gun used in World War One. It was usually the weapon soldiers would use the most. A bayonet was a knife that could be attached to the end of a soldier's gun to make it a lethal close combat weapon. The grenade was a handheld bomb that soldiers could throw into enemy trenches. Doing this would kill or seriously injure enemy troops.

What is a trench?

A trench was a hole soldiers would be in during World War One. Soldiers were safer in a trench because they were protected from the enemy. Soldiers in trenches had holes called dugouts. These would be like a home to the soldiers inside. Soldiers were always at risk from the threat of artillery and snipers. Soldiers would have to stay in the trench to avoid these threats.

What would happen during a trench raid?

During a trench raid soldiers would move to the enemy trench in hopes of completing one or more of these goals: capturing an enemy soldier, sabotaging enemy weapons or food, killing a few of the enemy soldiers, or getting important documents from the enemy. A soldier coming back from a trench raid would usually use a code. This code would be a way of telling friendly soldiers you weren't an enemy