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What's the buzz around WCHE

Remote grading for Special Areas


Remote students have been given a choice board with a variety of projects to complete. The expectations are for each student to complete three projects this grading period. However, each student needs to submit only one project. The project can be submitted either on Mrs. Dunn's Schoology website or by email. Students who submit their project will receive an E as their grade. Students who do not participate will receive an S.


Our expectation is that our Tigers will log into their Quaver account and complete each weekly assignment. Students logging in and completing assignments will receive an E. Students who do not participate will receive an S.


Students are expected to be physically active a minimum of 135 minutes each week. Stuents can select an activity from their PE Schoology page or do an activity of their choice on their own. At the end of the quarter, they will be asked via Schoology how they met their goal of being physically active 135 minutes per week. Students who participate and submit their Exit Ticket at the end of the quarter will receive an E. Students who do not participate will receive an S.

Our Next Remote Learner Drive By Pickup Event!

Thursday, October 8, from noon to 2 pm, parents of remote learners are invited to come to the school to pick up:

  • Preordered WCHE spiritwear
  • Your Tiger's APEX student lanyard and MIGHTY materials
  • Any remote class supplies/materials that your teacher told you would be provided.

For your convenience, this pickup event has been scheduled for October 8 to coincide with our fall picture day.

Last Call!

If you missed the Tiger Property and Yearbook Pick Up Events, please email us to arrange to pick up your Tigers' things.
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LTISD Discovery -- Gifted and Talented Program

The yearly nomination window to have your child tested for the LTISD Discovery (Gifted & Talented) Program is currently open. The deadline for nominations is October 16, 2020. You can find the nomination forms HERE on the district website.

Information on the LTISD Gifted & Talented Program can be found in this slideshow. Please review if you are interested in having your child evaluated for the program. We will hold question and answer sessions with parents/guardians on September 29.

Elementary Q&A Meeting - 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Sept. 29, 2020

Elementary GT Program Q&A Virtual Google Meet Session Link

Secondary Q&A Meeting - 4:30 - 5:00 PM - Sept. 29, 2020

Secondary GT Program Q&A Virtual Google Meet Session Link

Wish you Had a 2019-2020 Yearbook?

If you wish you had purchased a 2019-2020 yearbook, it's not yet too late to buy one from the Front Office for $40 exact cash or with a $40 check payable to Balfour.
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After School Enrichment Going Virtual!

In an effort to minimize person-to-person contact yet continue to provide learning opportunities for students, The LTISD Community Programs Department offers a Fall 2020 After School Enrichment Program completely online. The virtual classes are 4 to 5 pm.

Taught by LTISD staff members and external contractors, enrichment classes are great opportunities for students to supplement their instructional day through fun and unique activities. Please note, enrichment courses are optional.

Late enrollment is available September 28 through October 2 with a $35 late fee.

Learn more about the programs here.

WCHE Fall Picture Day is Thursday, October 8!

On Thursday, October 8, we will have photographers from Lifetouch on campus taking our student photos. Our in-person learners will have photos taken from 8 am until 11 am. Students will be socially distanced and wearing masks. Students will remove their masks briefly, just long enough to have photos taken.

Remote learners are invited to sign up here and come to the campus to have photos taken between noon and 2 pm on Thursday, October 8. Remote learners wearing masks may enter the building via the Library's exterior entrance. Once the photos are taken, they will be returned to parents/guardians waiting at the Library's exterior entrance. We'll post a Lifetouch sign on the fence near that entrance.

To learn more about Lifetouch's safety precautions, click here.

Pictures can be ordered before picture day at mylifetouch.com using our picture day ID #EVTQ8Q6X6.

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West Cypress Tigers Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

We are excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at WCHE! Our trophy case features the flags of Latin countries, some amazing books about Hispanic culture and by Hispanic authors.

It also features the artwork of our own Tigers, as they showcase amazing Latin figures, such as Cesar Chavez, Pele, Sonia Sotomayor, Ellen Ochoa, Frida Kahlo, and Jaime Escalante.

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Notes from the Nurse

All students and staff are required to self screen for COVID-19 related symptoms prior to arrival at school. Parents are asked to take their child's temperature daily.

Screening questions:

  • *feeling feverish or a temperature of 100.0 F or above
  • *loss of taste or smell
  • *cough
  • *difficulty breathing
  • *shortness of breath
  • *headache
  • *chills
  • *sore throat
  • *muscle or body aches
  • *diarrhea, nausea or vomiting
  • *fatigue
  • *congestion or runny nose
  • *Has the individual had close contact with an individual who is lab-confirmed with COVID-19?

Additional screening may be conducted during the school day as warranted. Students not feeling well during the school day will be sent to the clinic for a nursing assessment if classroom interventions have not been successful. If a student has suspected symptoms of COVID-19, parents will be called and the student will be sent home from school.

Students sent home from school must meet the Re-entry Protocols outlined in the district handbook which you can find here: https://www.ltisdschools.org/COVID-19

The Re-Entry protocol includes:

  1. Student must be fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication;
  2. Improved symptoms;
  3. At least 10 days have passed since symptoms began.

If the student is sent home with symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to school before completing the above 3 criteria, the student must:

  • obtain a medical professional's note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis or
  • obtain an acute infection test that comes back negative for COVID-19.

Please contact our Nurse Dana Hensel, RN, NCSN, 512.533.7593 or henseld@ltisdschools.org with any questions. She will be happy to help you in any way.

On-line Learning Available ONLY Through Your Child's LTISD Account

To gain entry to student learning, students should use the LTISD LT1 Classlink to enter and access all classroom google links. This ensures secure and safe learning.

If students/parents attempt to access class meetings or documents without using the student's credentials in LT1 (for example, logging in to the browser from a parent's personal or work account instead of the student's LTISD account) access is restricted. To prevent unauthorized people from accessing our classrooms, only appropriate LT1 Classlink logins with the student's credentials can gain access. Access attempts by any other accounts will be denied.

PLEASE be sure to access all google links through our LT1Classlink using the appropriate LTISD student's credentials.

Tiger Remote Artists Display Their Art Projects

Thank you, Penelope, Ruby, Avery, and Everly for sending us photos of your lovely works of art. These Tigers are students of West Cypress Hills' Art Teacher Megan Dunn.

We traditionally proudly display works of Tiger Art in our hallways. This year, our fortune has doubled! We have lovely works of art for our hallways, AND we have lovely works of art to display electronically.

Congratulations and thank you, Mrs. Dunn and all of our Tiger Artists, for making WCHE a prettier place to be--electronically and on campus!

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More information coming soon about our apex remix event 10/13 - 10/23!

District Assisting With Technology to Support Remote Learning

The Lake Travis Independent School District (LTISD) will lend Chromebooks and WiFi hotspots to students in grades K-12 who have limited or no access to a device at home and who do not already have a device from our initial deployment this past spring. Our district has had a high volume of requests. Thank you for your patience.

Families who meet the above criteria may request a Chromebook and/or WiFi hotspot through the Skyward "Technology Device Request" form by linking to Skyward through a browser. Link to Skyward here. Please complete 1 request form per student. When the LTISD has the student's Chromebook and/or hotspot ready for pick up, they will notify you.

Also, there is a known issue affecting the login credentials of some of our families with district-issued Chromebooks, and we have developed a solution to help you establish credentials for login. If you are unable to log in, please follow the steps outlined here, and if you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your patience.

Learn About LT Community Library Curbside Pick Up

Our community library has great resources, too!

Changing Instructional Status

A change from in-person learning to remote learning can be made at any time. To request this change, complete the LTISD Instructional Change Form. The completed form should be forwarded to our Registrar, Becky Wright.

A change from remote learning to in-person learning can also be requested on the LTISD Instructional Change Form. The completed form should be forwarded to our Registrar, Becky Wright no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the next grading period, as shown below:

  • Form Due Date is 12/4/20 for the grading period beginning 1/5/21
  • Form Due Date is 2/19/21 for the grading period beginning 3/8/21.

LTISD Chromebooks to Remain Checked Out to Students While on Campus

Students who checked out a District-issued Chromebook for remote learning at home and will be returning to in-person learning on campus should retain the device and bring it to school for use in the classroom as needed, much like an assigned textbook.

Chromebooks will remain checked out to the student until a date to be later determined or at the end of the 2020–2021 school year, whichever comes first.

Meals for Remote Learners

Students in remote learning at home may purchase a meal for pickup from our school cafeteria. Learn more here.

Please note, menu options may be limited. If a parent or child in remote learning at home wishes to pick up a meal at school, accommodations must be made via email directly with the café manager, Mrs. Corinne Stewart, before 10:00 a.m. daily. All meals for remote learners must be picked up at the school’s front office during the regular meal schedule.

Yes, Students Withdrawn from LTISD May Re-enroll Later for In-Person Learning

A frequently asked question pertains to re-enrollment of LTISD students after they have been withdrawn.

Students can be re-enrolled for in-person learning after having been withdrawn as students of the LTISD. The re-enrollment process is the same as the enrollment process for any new LTISD student. The re-enrolled student will, initially, be scheduled for in-person learning at the school building.

Once the re-enrolled student is attending school in person, remote learning, if desired, may be selected when the district next extends an invitation to select a preferred learning option.

Follow Principal Beninga on Twitter

Melanie Beninga provides info, photos, and updates via Twitter, too. If not already following Melanie Beninga in Twitter, you can follow her @principalwch and @mbeninga.

Counselor's Corner

Hello, Tiger Families! As we prepare to both return to campus for in-person learning and continue to engage in remote instruction, please know that I am always available should you or your child need support.

Now more than ever, we value the importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in our schools, and we will continue to incorporate SEL into our curriculum through school-wide programs, class meetings, and guidance lessons. Second Step will be our campus SEL curriculum. Please click the picture below to access parent information on Second Step, including complementary resources to use at home. By clicking the link, you will reach my website where all of the boxes on the blackboard open to provide to helpful information about Second Step.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are one team, one family.

Upcoming Events

09/15 - 10/15/20....Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

09/17 - 10/16/20....Discovery Gifted & Talented Nominations Accepted

09/28 - 10/02/20....Late Enrollment for Virtual Fall Enrichment Classes. ($35 late fee)

09/29/20................Discovery Gifted & Talented Virtual Meetings 11:30 am & 4:30 pm

10/01 - 10/31/20....National Bullying Prevention Month

10/01 - 10/31/20....Principals' Month

10/02/20................National Custodial Worker Day

10/04 - 10/10/20....National Fire Prevention Week

10/08/20................WCHE Remote Learner Materials Pick Up Event noon - 2 pm!

10/08/20.................Fall Picture Day!!!! Remote Learners Set Appointments noon - 2 pm!

10/09 - 10/12/20....Student Holiday - No School for Students Friday or Monday

10/13/20................In-person Learning Begins for the Grading Period That Begins October 13

10/12 - 10/16/20....National School Lunch Week

10/19 - 10/23/20....National School Bus Safety Week

11/11/20................Veterans' Day

11/23 - 11/27/20....Thanksgiving Holiday

12/04/20................Instructional Status Change Form Due - Grading Period January 5 +

12/21 - 01/04/21....Winter Holiday - No School for Students

01/05/21................In-person Learning Begins for the Grading Period That Begins January 5

02/19/21................Instructional Status Change Form Due - Grading Period March 8 +

03/08/21................In-person Learning Begins for the Grading Period That Begins March 8