Extraordinary Brain Surgery!

Charlie Gordon's Rapid Growth of Intelligence

Brain Surgery. Helping Retarded Adults Become Intelligent.

Charlie Gordon was the subject on a brand new surgery to make retarded adults smarter. Before tested on Charlie, it was tested on a lab mouse named Algernon. Algernon is now a very smart mouse, and is able to get through a special maze to test his intelligence. Although this surgery has had great effects on Algernon, he has started to act different lately, including violent and erratic behavior. Professor Nemur and Doctor Strauss are worried that the same thing might happen to Charlie.

Algernon The Mouse

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Charlie Gordon

Charlie Gordon is a retarded adult that just wants to learn. A group of retarded adults were interviewed for the surgery in order to find one with the best qualities, and Charlie came out on top. His teacher, Alice Kinnian, has highly recommended him for this surgery because of his personality and his strive to learn. It has been a couple of months since Charlie's surgery, and he has already become a genius. He is growing intellectually and emotionally. Although he is starting to realize that he is missing something. Charlie is now realizing that his intelligence level is going to decrease soon, like Algernon's.
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Algernon is dead. Will Charlie end up the same way?