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What we're up to... 11.23 - 12.4

Before the break... (11.23 - 11.24)

Since last issue, students have wrapped up their study of the key vocabulary in Chapters 14-29 of David Baldacci's Wish You Well, taking a brief quiz on this set of words on November 23rd. Scholars then took a well-earned vacation for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

This week... (12.1 - 12.4)

This week, it was back to business for scholars as we turned our attention as a class to the final chapters of Wish You Well. Students completed their reading of Chapters 30 through 35 for November 23rd before finally reaching the novel's powerful conclusion for this past Wednesday, December 2nd. In Direct, we discussed our reactions to the author's resolution as well as any confusion that may have arisen over some of the book's use of legal jargon. Then, in preparation for our final writing piece on Wish You Well, students began a thorough study of literary symbolism that will continue into next week. We started by reviewing what a symbol is and discussing common symbols we tend to see in culture today (e.g.: the American flag, a four-leaf clover, a red rose, a tree, etc.), before finally ending the week by closely reading two poems that effectively use symbolism to convey an idea. We will discuss these poems in Direct next week.

Next Week (12.7 - 12.11)...

As we begin the final sprint before the winter holiday, students will be finishing up their study of symbolism, re-examining each of the poems that they read this week and interpreting each poet's use of symbolism. Finally, we will discuss in small groups several objects from Baldacci's Wish You Well that could have symbolic meaning, interpreting each one in preparation for the final Wish You Well writing project: an analysis of symbolism in the novel. Students will begin writing this piece sometime near the end of this week or early the week of the 14th.

Class Kudos!

During their vocabulary study, scholars applied their knowledge of one vocabulary word of their choice by placing that word on a spectrum with 5 of its synonyms and 5 of its antonyms; individuals or teams with the most creative and correct "Scales" were awarded team points on Class Dojo and their work was hung up for display in the classroom. The result of this challenge was a stack of scintillating spectrums that created a dazzling display of student intuition and creativity. Check out some of the winners to the left and in the gallery below!

Upcoming Important Dates...

  • Thursday 12.10.15 - Grades Update on Home Access Center (students checked for sports eligibility)
  • Wednesday 12.9.15 - PM Assembly Schedule for 5th/6th Grade Band/Orchestra/Chorus Concert. 8th Grade will have an extended Baron Time.
  • Wednesday 12.16.15 - PM Assembly Schedule for 7th/8th Grade Band/Orchestra/Chorus Concert.

Student To-Do's:

  1. Finish Book Project Book by Monday 12.7.15
  2. Book Project Organizer due Thursday 12.10.15
  3. Type 3 Writing - WYW Ch. 14-29 REVISIONS due12.11.15

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