Aidyl is a planet that is able to support life. The following characteristics are some of the information about Aidyl.

  1. star type Red Giant
  2. orbit 5.2 AU
  3. planet mass 12
  4. volcanoes Yes
  5. plate movement Yes
  6. liquid water Yes
  7. producers Yes

Axial Tilt

Aidly has the same axial tilt as the Earth. I chose to have this axial tilt because I personally enjoy the seasons. With the axial tilt of Earth, Aidyl will have all 4 seasons. Because of the axial tilt, sometimes the part of Aidyl where you live will be closer or farther away from the sun. The distance Aidyl is away from the sun where you live affects what season you will be experiencing.


Aidyl has 2 moons. These moons names are Vargus and Fraizer. Vargus is the biggest between the 2. The 2 moons orbit directly opposite of each other while orbiting. Since the two moons are opposite of each other, the tides would be pretty much the same as the tides on Earth.


My planet weighs 12 times as much as earth which means my planet weighs 7.166628e+25 kg. Because my planet weighs so much the gravity will be a lot stronger compared to Earth.
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By: Lydia Stutzman