Assisted Living Costs

Marilyn Lujan

Assisted Living Costs

In a booklet titled "Navigating Your Way to a Quality Assisted Living Facility," AARP tells consumers to obtain these questions answered:

* Does the company's agreement clearly spell out which daily activities residents are aided with? For example, do they consist of personal grooming and, if so, does that mean aid with shaving and brushing teeth and hair?

* Is assistance available around-the-clock or just during certain hours? Who provides the support and how many staff people are on duty at Assisted Living in Little Rock?

* Must residents bathe at specific times of the day? How typically is bathing assistance available?

* Exactly what support is given to people who are incontinent?

AARP's Elinor Ginzler advises people not to sign an agreement while checking out a facility. "Take the agreement with you and show it to the family attorney prior to you sign it," states Ginzler, the AARP's manager of long-term care and independent living. The only legally binding promises of service by the assisted-living facility and its staff are the ones in the agreement. When you are ready to gain more information, all you have to do is have a peek here.

There are big differences in the prospective cost. The industry says charges can range from $15 a day to $200 a day. There are lots of variables: Some states and cities have higher living costs, the size of the apartment makes a distinction in the cost and, most crucial, the services provided will differ significantly. If someone needs help bathing every day, that is a separate service with its own bill. Even after you’ve read this great article, you may want to keep reading more about it at