NHS Family Newsletter

March 25, 2020

School Closure Extended to May 1

Just in this morning, six bay area county health officials and offices of education jointly came to the decision to extend school closure until May 1.

See the county website here for information.

For Northgate and our students, this means we continue the path we have stepped into together, with remote learning underway, and teachers working to provide content to students to advance through the curriculum.

We will be reaching out to families whose students have yet to engage in classes, as we hope that households will continue to encourage DAILY engagement with classes and content, so that students do not fall behind. It's important that students and their families know that teachers may be providing up to 4 hours of work per week, per class, (per district guidelines) and students can prepare for this by budgeting their time carefully every day.

Together, we will get through this.

Tips to Get Through Each Day for Remote Learning

  • Daily Schedule/Routine: Students should maintain a daily schedule or routine just as they would if they were in school. Set an alarm, and don't sleep in all morning.

  • Be sure to move: It is highly recommended that students get some exercise, outdoors if safely possible, each day.

  • Defined Learning Space: If possible, carve out a defined learning space that can be used for completing school work.

  • Reach Out: If you have questions or need further instruction, please email your teachers as soon as possible.

  • Continue to Collaborate: Collaboration fosters learning and eases the sense of isolation. Form a virtual study group with friends through one of the meetings apps such as Zoom or Google Hangout.

Device Check Out

If your student needs a device at home to work online, please fill out the google form. Devices will be checked out as available, and students will be contacted when they can pick one up.


COVID-19 Resources in Contra Costa County

Please follow the link for a comprehensive list of supports and resources for families to access within the county.

Library Note

Rula misses all of you! Please see the attachment below for instructions to access the databases available off-site, as you work through research and other projects.

Support Counseling During this Time

While the Support Counselors have not been available outside of the school day on campus, we recognize the stress that the current situation with covid-19 may be having on you and your family. To support the health and wellbeing of our Northgate community, we are offering phone and video sessions by appointment. Please reach out to either of us via email or have your student email us directly to set up an appointment.

Shannon Brueckner: shannon@bruecknercounseling.com

Jon Parker: jparkernorthgate@gmail.com

3rd Quarter Grades

Parents and students can check 3rd quarter grades beginning on Friday, March 27th. These grades are reflective of work done on assignments put in place on or before March 13th, before the school closure.

These grades do not go on the transcripts. While currently the rest of the year is uncertain, we will communicate adjustments and plans moving forward with the 4th quarter as we get updates from the State. Long term plans could include returning to school, or an extended leave and grading remote work, providing distance learning assessments, and continued work and progress towards content mastery.

We want to encourage our students and families to keep working on short term goals. The best thing each family can do is to continue to engage daily in your student learning. Please let us know how we can assist with these goals.

For our seniors- From Rebecca Proznick

The National Association of College Admission Counseling has offered a new online tool to check university status and timeline changes due to the Coronavirus.


Please rest assured that currently, the College and Career Center is only sending first semester grades to colleges. Quarter grades do not appear on transcripts.

Please contact your academic counselor if you have any questions.

From the College and Career Center- For Freshmen


February-March Newsletter!

Academic Counselors and Ms. Proznick visited classes in January to introduce students to Naviance and their 4 year plans. We have an updated system that we hope students and families will find helpful as they navigate their classes at NHS and their future plans! To view the powerpoint and to find more information, please see this link.

Freshman are encouraged to complete the Strengths Explorer assessment- found under the Careers and About Me tabs in Naviance. (Click here to log into the Clever portal with your MDUSD.net email information and then click on the Naviance button) More information about this assessment will be emailed out once class presentations are complete, along with our in-class presentation for you to refer to!

See your Action Plan for more to-dos!

From the College and Career Center- For Sophomores


February-March newsletter!

Class Visits: One-on-one w/Academic Counselors + getting into Naviance and doing the Career Interest Profiler (Holland Interest Codes)

These class visits combined exploring Careers and Colleges and also kicked off Academic Counselor meetings with students regarding next year’s courses.


The PSAT 10 is organized in the Spring through our site for every Sophomore to take during the school day. This is a practice exam given by College Board- the scores are not set to or used by colleges or other organizations. For more information about the PSAT10 and the College Board exams, you can find that here.

Updated information coming soon.

Now is a great time to start looking at different career paths and college major programs. Start in Naviance, under the “About Me” tab and complete our Strengths Explorer and Career Interest Profiler (also found under the “Careers” tab -> “Explore Careers”). It’s a great place to discover what your strengths are and some possible career options!

See your Action Plan for more to-dos!

From the College and Career Center- For Juniors


February-March newsletter!

As a service to students and families, NACAC has created a central resource listing information about changes in college admission events, deposit dates, and more as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. View the resource

Junior Information Sessions

College Info Night: Click here for powerpoint

PSAT & SAT/ACT Info Night: Click here for powerpoint

April 1: UC PIQ Workshop (for Juniors); 7 pm, Online (sign up to get link) Sign up Here
Join our regional admissions representative from UCSB as she talks about the UC Personal Insight Question requirement of the UC application.

Now is a great time to get into Naviance and explore both Colleges & Careers!

To get into Naviance, sign in via Clever. You’ll log in using your MDUSD.net email and password- just like you log into your Chromebooks at school. Once in that portal, click on Naviance to get to Naviance Student.

From there, EXPLORE! You can start to put together a list of colleges that may be of interest, search for colleges using our Super Match tool, look up program information, look at careers and what training they require and pay you may get! If you have not completed the Career Interest Profiler, I highly recommend taking that quiz- under the Careers tab.

Other neat tools:
CSU degrees search UC list of majors WUE program finder

Net Price Calculator SAT/ACT Info & Test Dates

See your Action Plan for more to-do suggestions!

From the College and Career Center- For Seniors


February-March newsletter!

As a service to students and families, NACAC has created a central resource listing information about changes in college admission events, deposit dates, and more as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. View the resource

DVC Registration
If you have not done so, please add DVC to your list of colleges in Naviance. Remember that there are 4 steps to complete before you will be allowed to register for fall DVC classes! STEPS TO ENROLL

Get the Special Admit Form here for Couns 95 class registration

  • Complete form with name, DVC id #, signatures and scan/take readable photo

  • Email Admissions & Records FROM YOUR INSITE EMAIL ACCOUNT to admissions@dvc.edu

Financial Aid

  • Be sure to complete the FAFSA ASAP for max aid

  • Check your university portal if there are additional forms required (ex. Dependent Verification form or CSS Profile)

  • 2 week or more after you complete the FAFSA, create an account at the CA Financial Aid Page to check your CalGrant/Middle Class Scholarship status

  • Check out the scholarship list in Naviance (under colleges) or the binder in the Center

I’m interested in your plans for the future, not just if you’re planning to go to a 4 year! There are many different routes to careers and I’d love to talk with students about all the options out there. You can update your college list to include some military options- or shoot me an email about your plans!

An AP Update

College Board has sent an update out regarding this year's test. Updates include:

  • New online learning resources
  • A newly designed testing set that includes a test-from-home option, with reduced questions and free-response answers.
  • Two different testing dates

Additional details will be available after April 3rd. See the whole update from college board HERE.

Meals available for school-aged children

MDUSD is providing two free meals (lunch and next day's breakfast) every day during this closure to all school - aged children. Families can drive up and pick up sacks of lunch and milk each day to one of the sites listed. More than 2000 meals are being served per day!

Local sites include Foothill MS and Ygnacio Valley HS. If you live in Clayton, we understand that CVCHS is also offering meals to the community children as well.

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Calling All Mentors!

Students interested in serving as a mentor next year please fill out this application!

  • Mentors can be all grade levels
  • They should be able to work well with others, be friendly, and responsible.
  • Good grades and a good work ethic are a MUST - They should be able to be present as a mentor, willing to give up personal study time to help other students, and have a strategy to keep up with their own work to maintain a mentor position.


Students interested in Drama Production Workshop 2020-21

Calling all Thespians! Please join the new Production Workshop Google Classroom for audition news and resources!

Production Workshop Audition Google Classroom code is: sy5bdau

Future Link Crew Leaders!

Interested in becoming a Link Crew Leader? This opportunity is open to 11th and 12th grade students (our current 10th and 11th), and is a great way to connect with our 9th grade students, serve the school and have a great time doing it!

Here's the link to BOTH apps:

NEW Link Crew applicants: https://forms.gle/nEYFhQ4SJoHQpBQF6

RETURNING Link Crew leaders: https://forms.gle/5RQaJEYornH1J3tR8

Outstanding Parent and Student Resources Available

Mr. Bocks has been working hard to provide continual updates to our webpage with links to multiple resources during this time. Please check the Northgate High School webpage for these links!

Additionally, don't miss the new website feature, "A Day in the Life", featuring various activities, classroom experiences and more- the life of a Bronco. If you have short videos to share that we can publish, please send them to Mr. Bocks at bocksc@mdusd.org.

Prom/Ball Update

As you may have inferred from recent events, both Junior Prom and Senior Ball have been postponed. We are waiting to see what the coming weeks bring, and have worked with our venue and vendors to set up a plan B, and a plan C.

We won't announce these plans until we have a clearer path ahead of us, but just know that we are looking at ways to safely and wonderfully maintain these events for our students.

Who can I contact?

Academic Counselors

Last Name A-G ...................................Naseem Saremi~~~~saremin@mdusd.org~~~ext 3546

Last Name H-O....................................Kristen Bligh~~~~~~blighk@mdusd.org~~~~ext 3526

Last Name P-Z.....................................Mandy Kaur~~~~~~kaurm@mdusd.org~~~~ext 3539

Vice Principals

Last Name A-L.....................................Kelly Cooper~~~~~~cooperk@mdusd.org~~ext 3502

Last Name M-Z....................................Craig Bocks~~~~~~bocksc@mdusd.org~~~ext 3503

2019-20 Academic Calendar

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Fourth year in a row! Thanks to our faculty, staff and community for your hard work and dedication!