Rattler News

July 27, 2022

Summer Is Flying By....

Dear Parents.

My planners out there are probably excited about seeing newsletters again, while the rest of you are saying "Nope, nope, nope...we are not ready!" No matter where you are, I always want you to have important information at your fingertips. I have been back a few weeks and feel rejuvenated and excited to get this school year going. Your kiddos are the reason I love River Ridge and all that it represents. I will continue to send out newsletters each week to keep you updated. As always, please feel free to email the office staff with any questions.

Happy last few weeks of summer!

With Joy,

Shelley Roberts

Important Dates

  • August 4th: Kinder Camp for students & parents (9:30 - 11:00)
  • August 4th: Brand New to River Ridge Family Welcome for 1st - 5th students & parents in the library with a tour to follow (6:30- 7:30). THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ORIGINAL DATE OF AUGUST 10TH and ANY DISTRICT COMMUNICATION YOU MIGHT SEE. I will be moving my daughters to college on 8/10 and will be out of town.
  • August 15th: Class placement assignments will be shared at 10:00 am to the primary email listed for all 1st - 5th students. Kinder placement assignments will be sent on Friday, August 12th at 4:00 pm.
  • August 15th: Meet the Teacher- Kinder students will meet their new teacher and see their classroom/classmates anytime from 10-11 am. 1st - 5th students will meet their new teacher(s) and see their classroom/classmates anytime from 5:30 - 7:00.
  • August 17th: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL




Bell Times: 7:30-2:45

Tardy Bell:7:30

Attendance Bell: 8:45

Dismissal Bell: Stagger release starting at 2:40 (specific details coming soon)

Building Doors Open: 7:10

Building Doors Close: 3:20