Tote-ally Taylored Dreamers

October 2015

Director's Corner :)


How are you all?! Here we are, full swing into NOVEMBER! Holy Moly! Time just flies so fast! October was a great month for our team! I expect the next few months will all be spectacular, so take full advantage of everyone wanting to shop, shop, shop! Most of all, have FUN!

If you haven't joined Krista's step up group I highly suggest you do! It isn't too late! She is following up after Kerrie's monthly calls. Make sure you are at least listening to Kerrie's calls!!! It is so helpful to hear her input and advice!

October Stats

Total Team Sales $7818

Rachael Kelley $1949


PV over $500

Katie Taylor 1058

Amanda Taylor 951

Melissa Preader 926

Nicolette Pruett 678

Carmela Porcella 673

PV over $300

Meredith Dalton 424

Jacqueline Nadeau 332

PV over $100

Shelley Connolly 225

Meagan Wiehn 191

Natalie Webb 144

Sara Carleton 117

Kari Peterson 105