Animals Extinction

By: Naomi and Mariana


Society has to stop being selfish because they're killing animal's habitat with mining natural resources to make money for their business

If society keeps being selfish more animals are going to extinct.

For example, when people create their businesses somehow they're killing the animals, scientists have said "...we have burned through eons worth of fossil fuels, like oil, coal, and natural gas" (Scientific American 2). This shows that society is thinking just in there selves because they're putting their businesses before the animals healthy.

Humans are the cause of most animals extinction.

For example, during the activities we have made, scientists have prove that "... we have killed off at least 322 types of animals" (Scientific American 3). This shows we're killing the animals with the resources that we are using.

Businesses are more important for the humans that the animals.

For example, when humans are thinking about businesses, they are thinking about money which benefits them so "...humans have shown no desire to stop the activities" (Scientific Americans 3). This shows that the humans haven't done anything to prevent the animals extinction, instead they are trying to create more businesses.