Donald Trump,

The American Destroyer of America.

Attention fellow people who care about the country: Do you want to vote for somebody who will make America fall apart? If we all voted for Donald Trump, America will shatter into pieces. Trump should not be president and this is why!

Donald Trump is a liar, he doesn't state facts, instead he states myths. Trump had a big rant about Mexicans, he said many things that were just a steriotype. He has also said lies about immigrants and what some have done (crime), leading him to think that all immigrants are criminals. He has also said some extremely rude things.
Trump is constantly making rude comments. He has said some horrible things about women such as calling them 'fat pigs', 'dogs', 'slobs', and 'disgusting animals'. He has also said many rude things about Mexicans such as the fact that 'they're all criminals'. Trump is also going to make you have one horrible life.
Trump will make you have a horrible time living in America, he will make you feel ashamed that you live here in America. His foreign policy is basically non-existent. He is insulting and he doesn't care. Plus he is not as devote as he might seem to be. He says he wants to do all of this stuff to America but he really doesn't have a plan behind it, where will he get the money? If he raises our taxes, most people won't be to happy and he can't just make it pop up out of no where. He wants to build a wall blocking us from Mexico and blocking Mexico from us, so that immigrants can't get through to America and do their 'crime' that apparently every immigrant will do. The truth is almost everyone who lives in America is a immigrant, years and years back our great grandparents or great great grandparents came over here from somewhere else to find a better life, not to be a criminal. We all came from somewhere, and that's all there is to it.
Donald Trump, unfortunately, has a strong and powerful voice when it comes to politics. He gets what he wants and that's it. He says rude, horrible things but still has fans and still gets votes.
To the people who care, don't vote for Donald Trump. He is a liar, do you really want a liar for a president? He is rude, if you ask me, I wouldn't want a president who criticizes everyone except for himself. Lastly, would you like a horrible time living in America. Well, if you vote for Trump that's what he's going to give you, the worst life living here.